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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Tiddas by Anita Heiss

In 2019, La Boite and QPAC began an exciting new project with acclaimed author, Anita Heiss adapting the much loved Tiddas to stage! Not only is Tiddas (Simon & Schuster) a love letter to Meeanjin (Brisbane), it is a heartfelt and pure story that winds like Maiwar (the Brisbane River) through life’s ups and downs of the five tiddas who are best friends. 

About Tiddas

‘Best friends for decades, they meet once a month to talk about books and life, love and the jagged bits in between. Dissecting each other’s lives seems the most natural thing in the world and honesty, no matter how brutal, is something they treasure. Best friends tell each other everything, don’t they?

Izzy, soon to be the first Black woman with her own television show, has to make a decision that will change everything. Veronica, recently divorced and dedicated to raising the best sons in the world, has forgotten who she is. Xanthe, desperate for a baby, can think of nothing else, even at the expense of her marriage. Nadine, so successful at writing other people’s stories, is determined to blot out her own. Ellen, footloose by choice, begins to question all that she’s fought for.

When their circle begins to fracture and the old childhood ways don’t work anymore, is their sense of sistahood enough to keep it intact? How well do these tiddas really know each other?’

Ongoing script and creative developments have taken place over the past months and we have been incredibly blessed to have had some of Queensland’s and Australia’s finest actors as part of the workshops.

Tiddas will have a public reading as part of La Boites HWY program in November 2020 so make sure you a grab your tickets. Read more about Anita and what it has been like to adapt a novel to stage and the importance of writing and sharing the work of Tiddas to a new audience and what it means to her.

We are excited to be partnering with La Boite Theatre on this amazing adaptation and incredibly blessed to be able to support Anita on this new adventure! Stay tuned for more updates or follow Anita’s Instagram and Facebook.

More about Tiddas the novel:

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