Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

The Basics of Teaching Artistry

3 min watch

The Basics of Teaching Artistry is a structured and self-paced program of professional learning for those wishing to develop their practice as teaching artists.

Developed by three leading international arts organisations – QPAC, Sydney Opera House and Lincoln Center Education – and delivered entirely on-line through Kadenze Academy, the program instructs potential artist educators on the skills they need in their practice and how to work effectively with audiences within the many settings where teaching artistry exists. 

QPAC has been employing teaching artists since opening in 1985 especially throughout the 26-year history of the Out of the Box Festival for children eight years and under. This course extends the offer to learn from QPAC’s team of teaching artists led by Professor Judith McLean and Director Public Engagement and Learning Rebecca Lamoin.

The course offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace from experienced artist educators while forming valuable national and international networks for advice and assistance. For more information or to enrol, visit Kadenze Academy.


Free introductory course
The free Introductory module gives students the opportunity to try the course before they commit to the full program.

This project is part of the QPAC Public Engagement and Learning strategy which aims to deepen and broaden arts literacy and engagement through innovative delivery platforms.

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Read what people have to say about The Basics of Teaching Artistry program...

“The courses flow well and I really enjoyed the content. One thing I picked up on and truly admire is the level of confidence shown by each teaching artist. I felt so reassured even just watching the documentaries! Made me consider the way I carry myself.” En Rui Foo, Teaching Artist of 3 years, Australia
“I am finding myself thinking about (the Basics of Teaching Artistry course on) Kadenze all the time; for better or for worse, it has thrust me into a place of critical thinking throughout my day, every day of late and I am loving it.” Jacqueline Marriot, Teaching Artist of 3 years, Australia
“The program was challenging and engaging. I loved the work samples and enjoyed the activities a lot. They were the perfect balance of professional development and personal discovery, which is what a teaching artist needs. Interacting with the forum was such a neat feature – it supported my learning and built community.” Kate Lee, Teaching Artist of 10 years, United States of America and Australia


Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of this land, their spirits and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors – our First Nations Peoples – gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, towards creating a better Queensland.