Crystal Moonlight

Cremorne Theatre, February 2019

11 min watch

Watch the performance opening of JADE New World Collective’s first public performance, Crystal Moonlight.

Cremorne Theatre, February 2019


JADE New World Collective is an ensemble led by four outstanding Queensland musicians. These are Wakka Wakka man and renowned didgeridoo player David Williams, Japanese koto master Takako Haggarty Nishibori, Nepalese tabla virtuoso Dheeraj Shrestha and Australian guitarist Dr Anthony Garcia. The ensemble’s first public performance was Crystal Moonlight. It was performed in the Cremorne Theatre in February 2019.

Watch the performance opening:

Earth Murmur
The ground beneath us has a musical language of its own. It communicates eons of transmutation and formation. This abstract musical offering serves as a musical acknowledgment to country.

Ancient Waters
Ancient Waters unfolds in two parts namely Rain Song and Storm Bringer. Minimalist raindrops merge into a simple rain song that gradually crescendos into a pulsating storm.