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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

I was quickly seduced by the idea – Jean Paul Gaultier, fashion designer

Costume Designer

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Already as a child, he was making his first drawings of haute couture models, taking his inspiration from his urban environment. Fashion proved to be his real passion.

Known as the "enfant terrible of French fashion", he has continually revolutionised fashion – with recycled fashion in 1980 (car leather and cans turned into clothing and jewellery), the Corset Dress in 1983, and the skirt for men two years later.

His triumphant success allows him to continue his fight against the barriers of race and geography and against intolerance. The themes of his collections underline his ambition to mix genres and break rules: La concierge est dans l'escalier, Les Rock-Stars, Une garde-robe pour 2, Black Beauties and Barbes.

In 1997, he fulfilled his childhood dream by presenting his first haute couture collection and founding Haute Couture Gaultier Paris.

Jean Paul Gaultier designed the costumes for France’s Ballet Preljocaj’s contemporary retelling of Snow White. 

It was like Christmas – the dancers were so excited. But for Jean Paul, that was just the beginning, the first draft. For two days, he stayed with us, changing and adapting things, trying to push the vision further. It was so interesting to watch, because it was exactly the way we work in the studio, where the choreography changes every day. When I do a show like ‘Blanche Neige’, I go into a story, which is not my story. I have to adapt myself to serve the story, and I love that. It’s very ... enrichissant. It makes me go in a way that I didn’t think of; it opens for me some doors to go somewhere I wasn’t expecting to go.” Angelin Preljocaj
“I had seen Angelin Preljocaj's work before, at the Theatre Festival in Avignon in the south of France and I have been very impressed. When he contacted me and told me that he was working on Snow White I was quickly seduced by the idea.” Jean Paul Gaultier

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