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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

The Umbilical Brothers to Fuel Screen Addictions

The international comedy phenomenon will smash together the spectacle of cinema and the energy of live performance in a mind-blowing new show in the Playhouse

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Combining unbelievable human performance and special effects wizardry, the latest Umbilical Brothers’ show The Distraction will see the world’s favourite Australian comedy duo, made up of David Collins and Shane Dundas, perform simultaneously on stage and on the big screen at QPAC


“David and I have always imagined movie-like visuals when creating and performing. This time you get to see what we’re imagining, right there onscreen in real time. We’ll be wrestling with live special effects. It’s going to be pretty freaky.” Shane Dundas (the bald one)

The pair were originally scheduled to perform at QPAC in 2020.

“Sorry for the delay, blame COVID. That’s the name of my cat. It was sleeping on me and I didn’t want to disturb.” David Collins

Renowned for their fast-paced mix of movement, vocal sound effects and verbal interplay to cleverly twist theatrical rules and everyday situations into comedy triumph, The Umbilical Brothers’ appeal crosses generations. 

Named as two of Entertainment Weekly’s ’100 Most Creative People in Entertainment’, The Umbilical Brothers have appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, supported *NSYNC and the legendary Robin Williams, and performed for the Queen of England.  

Their global gigs have taken them to 40 countries, including a year-long Off-Broadway run of Thwack for which they received rave reviews from The New York Times and a Drama Desk Award nomination.  

The pair’s swag of awards comprises a Helpmann Award® for Comedy Performance of the Year, the Edinburgh Fringe Critics’ Choice Award and a couple of BAFTAs, while their children’s television series The Upside Down Show won them an Emmy® and a Logie. 


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