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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Tunnel Tunes: Southern Cross Soloists

QPAC’s Company-in-Residence delights passers-by with a surprise performance

2 min watch

Acclaimed chamber music ensemble, Southern Cross Soloists (SXS), is a Company-in-Residence at QPAC. To the delight of passers-by, SXS members took time out from rehearsals for their 2021 season opener to bring the might and magic of music to one of our busy public spaces. 

See Tania Frazer (Oboe), Alex Raineri (Piano), Karol Kowalik (Cello), Jonathan Henderson (Flute), James Wannan (Viola), Drew Gilchrist (Clarinet) and Nick Mooney (Horn) joined by virtuoso guitarist and guest artist Slava Grigoryan, performing Taranelas by Santiago De Murcia and the first movement of Ravel’s evocative Piano Concerto in G Major in the QPAC Tunnel.

SXS comprise a formidable group of soloists who are accomplished musicians in their own right, in demand nationally and internationally. Special guest artists regularly join the ensemble to perform in its annual concert series at QPAC.

In 2020, SXS reached its 25-year anniversary. Artistic Director and Oboe for SXS Tania Frazer said the challenges of 2020 highlighted how valuable the arts were to our daily lives, and the 2021 season recognised and celebrated the joy music brings. 

“It’s not until something is unexpectedly taken away that we suddenly realise how much we miss it... and deeply cherish it. It’s fascinating to look back through history to see that humans of all races and cultural backgrounds have always been independently drawn to creating music since the dawn of time. Music seems to be ingrained in our DNA.” Tania Frazer


Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

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