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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

The Guilty Feminist reflects on her funny career

Deborah Frances-White, host of the award winning podcast, The Guilty Feminist, says it would never have happened without QPAC

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Deborah Frances-White, the host of The Guilty Feminist, knows she’ll be emotional when she performs on stage at QPAC for the first time, after spending so much time here as a child.

Deborah was born in Brisbane, and while her family moved to the Gold Coast when she was four, she has many fond memories of getting dressed up and coming to see musicals, plays and the ballet with her family.

“It’s the best memories I have. Brisbane was the big glamourous city.”

A younger Deborah Frances-White pictured smiling, all dressed up.
Deborah Frances-White has fond memories of getting dressed up to come and see shows at QPAC. Image: supplied.

The visits continued with school trips, and it was during those years she discovered her own on-stage talents while part of a debating team.

“I knew that I was funny.”

That led to a passion for Theatresports. She fondly remembers an international tournament with the finals held at QPAC, and her desperation to get tickets for the sold-out event. She found a way, which involved watching the first half from the wings.

Theatresports is what eventually catapulted her career when she embarked on an adventure overseas. She said no-one was doing it in London like she’d experienced in Australia, so she acquired the format rights, and the rest is history.

“Without QPAC I wouldn’t have anything.”

The Guilty Feminist is an award-winning podcast and live show that Deborah started in 2015. Each episode is recorded in front of a live audience, and the panel of guests discuss a range of topics related to feminism in the 21st century.

“If the world isn’t as you would like it, here you will find your people, find your joy.”

Deborah Frances-White talking on stage during the recording of The Guilty Feminist live podcast.
Deborah Frances-White talking on stage during the recording of The Guilty Feminist live podcast. Image: guiltyfeminist.com

Over the years there’s been many big names on the show, including an impromptu appearance by Emma Thompson who was initially part of the audience, and Millie Bobby Brown, who asked to be on the show for her birthday. There’s still a number of people Deborah would love to share the stage with, including Jacinda Ardern, Gloria Steinem and Michelle Obama.

While Deborah has toured the show many times in Australia, including in Brisbane, this July is her first time performing on stage at QPAC. She’ll be bringing with her some Brisbane guests, to inspire the audience to make change locally.

“This show will make you feel differently about what you can do. You’ll laugh a lot, and you will leave feeling re-fuelled.”

Deborah said she too is feeling re-fuelled, now that she can return to Australia again.

“To be back, post the lockdowns, to be with my people again, I’ll never take it for granted.”


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