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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

Stories from Here

A new exhibition showcasing the vast archive of photographer Jo-Anne Driessens has opened in QPAC’s Tony Gould Gallery

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Stories from Here is a free exhibition open every Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm until July 2022, and forms part of the Clancestry 2022 program. Throughout, Jo-Anne Driessens recalls key moments in her personal journey as a professional photographer.

Driessens says she always wanted to document people.

“I find people really interesting and I just happened to find my family through my lens.” Jo-Anne Driessens

The significance of South Brisbane’s cultural precinct is her focus as she reflects upon the capacity of her photography to document important connections made through the gathering of First Nations Peoples on these ancient lands.

She adds she’s seen a lot of the artists and Community in her images grow, as they have seen her grow.

“It’s really important for this exhibition to be in the public domain because it is really Community connected.”

The exhibition opening began with a performance by Zayne Hall on didgeridoo to ground the space, followed by a Welcome to Country by Gaja Kerry Charlton.

Gaja Kerry Charlton gives a Welcome to CountryGaja Kerry Charlton gives a Welcome to Country.

Jo-Anne Driessens and Lara Croydon at the opening of Stories from HereJo-Anne Driessens and QPAC First Nations Producer Lara Croydon at the opening of Stories from Here.

Hear Driessens talk about the exhibition and what it means to her below:

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