Our Ultimate Listening Guide with Teddy, Josh and Guy

Tune into the best, chosen by the best!

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A triple threat event is set to arrive in our Concert Hall next month, with three of Australia’s most popular entertainers Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Josh Piterman and Guy Noble touching down at QPAC on 7 May 2022. The superstars will come together to bring Brisbane a thrilling evening filled with much-loved opera arias and Broadway show tunes.

With the epic music-world combo of ARIA and Helpmann Award-winning artist, Teddy, the most recent Phantom of London West End’s The Phantom of the Opera, Josh, and revered conductor and soloist Guy, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have the trio curate a playlist reflecting their ultimate music listening experience ahead of their appearance on our stage.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes

  • Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo | Pietro Mascagni

    “This is an orchestral interlude from the one act opera and is a moment of absolute beauty amidst the vocal drama. I had the pleasure of performing in a production and never failed to be standing side stage every performance to hear this being played.

    “I love the story behind its composition. Mascagni entered an opera competition in 1888. He only heard about it two months prior to entry and wrote the entire opera in that time. The legend goes that it received a 30-minute standing ovation, and it was this intermezzo that was being hummed in the city streets the following day.”

  • Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K. 492, Act 3: ‘Sull’aria’ (Letter Duet) | Wolfgang Mozart

    “As a young singer I grew up on a diet of Mozart. I got to perform some of his choral music as a young chorister in Salzburg where he was born, which has always stayed with me as a treasured memory. This duet is a sublime moment in the opera but its most unique playing was in the great movie Shawshank Redemption. A magical piece of cinema!”

  • ‘The Prayer’ | Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion

    “Just beautiful. Love performing it. Audiences always love it and no one does it better than Andrea!”

  • Symphony No.9, II: Molto vivace | Ludwig van Beethoven

    “Being on stage with a symphony orchestra is the greatest privilege of my profession. There’s nothing that gives me an adrenaline rush more than that. The last movement of this symphony is the moment the singers join but sitting on stage while the 2nd movement is being played is thrilling.” 

  • ‘I Will Always Love You’ | Whitney Houston

    “I’ve heard it said, one of the greatest voices ever. Her voice always gives me chills. It’s not on my playlist but, if you haven’t heard it, google her performance of the US National Anthem at the NFL Superbowl final. Extraordinary!”

Josh Piterman

  • Turandot, ‘Nessun Dorma’ | Giacomo Puccini

    “This is arguably the most iconic tenor aria ever written or performed. Thank you, Puccini! It’s heroic, powerful, emotional and does all the right things by the singer and listener. I’ve had an affinity with the piece ever since I was a young singer trying to belt out tunes well out of my range and comfort zone. I first got to sing it regularly in my time touring as one of The Ten Tenors, in the early part of my career.

    “For me, my fondest memory is performing the aria at the 2019 Australia Day Live concert outside the Sydney Opera House on the ABC. That night, that setting, the fireworks, the view of the harbour, the crowd and the song, made for what was certainly one of my favourite career highlights. It was so special and just the beginning of an amazing 2019. It also gave me the opportunity to audition for the role of The Phantom in London.”

  • The Phantom of the Opera: ‘Music Of The Night’ | Andrew Lloyd Webber

    “This song has been an anthem of joy for me over the past few years. I’ve sung it through nerves, fatigue and elation, through cold winters and hot summers, indoor, outdoors and even throughout lockdowns. Performing as The Phantom for almost 200 performances on the West End, was like nothing else. I’ve also had the opportunity to sing it for HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and recently at The Australian Open on Rod Laver Arena, which were equally special.

    “I have never sung a song so many times and still enjoyed every element of it. It has a life and breath of its own. I’m always tinkering with it, letting go of things and finding new things in it. I think that’s the sign of a masterpiece. I can’t wait to sing it later this year at the Sydney Opera House.”

Guy Noble

  • Piano Concerto No.5 in E-Flat Major, Op.73 ‘Emperor’: II. Adagio un poco mosso | Ludwig van Beethoven

    “I spent some time in lockdown investigating/learning new piano works that I had not mastered before. This was not always successful. But I have loved the Emperor Concerto by Beethoven since I first heard the slow movement in Picnic At Hanging Rock.”

  • ‘Across the Stars’ | John Williams

    “It’s amazing what gets stuck in your head when you do a concert. Recently, I was in Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducting a movies concert and the second half was devoted to the music of John Williams. This romantic music got stuck and wouldn’t leave, like a very pretty but insistent house guest. The orchestration is great, the theme lovely, it speaks to the forbidden love of Anakin and Padme Amidala.”

  • ‘Shiny Happy People’ | R.E.M.

    “This song popped on the radio one day recently and I have been humming it ever since. I guarantee it can lift the spirits. It also describes my fellow performers Josh and Ted, both shiny, both happy, and both people. I guarantee it can lift the spirits with its catchy guitar riff and guest vocals from the irrepressible Katie Pierson of B52 fame.”

  • ‘The Search’ | Cezary Skubiszewski

    “This was another track that we did recently in the movies concert. Cezary Skubiszewski arranged it specially for a concert with Margaret Pomeranz, because she wanted to hear it live with orchestra. It is used in that incredibly sad part of the film Red Dog where the star goes in search of his master.”

  • ‘Get Back’ | The Beatles

    “I’ve been watching Peter Jackson’s documentary on the Beatles and their recording of the Get Back album. In amongst all the footage there is a moment where you actually see Paul McCartney writing the title song, crafting it out of nothing but a rhythm, a snatch of melody. Within about 2 minutes it’s almost fully formed minus some lyrics. I think it is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen – creativity in real time. Magnificent!”

As the date for the event draws closer, the three are more eager than ever to perform together for QPAC audiences. On the upcoming performance, Teddy says:

“I’m so excited to be invited back to Brisbane and especially QPAC. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be a part of so many wonderful performances there. It’s welcoming from the moment you arrive at stage door. Everyone becomes your friend. It’s definitely a Queenslander thing! 

“The concert Guy, Josh and I present will have a mix of musical highlights for everyone with a few stories along the way. I’ve worked with my great friend Guy for many years and there’s no one I’m more comfortable on stage with than him. He’s a musical wonder and consummate entertainer. It’s also fabulous to be performing with Josh for the first time. I actually first met him when he was performing the national anthem at The Boxing Day Test and I happened to be sitting in the second row of the stands right next to him. He’s a prolific talent performing worldwide so it’s a thrill to sing with him.

“Can’t wait to be there soon.”


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