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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Meet Raelee Lancaster

We sit down with Raelee to find out more about her time in the QPAC Sparks program

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Raelee Lancaster is one of six young aspiring First Nations playwrights taking part in Sparks, a professional development program in partnership with Playlab Theatre designed to introduce elements of craft and support the creation of a new script idea.

For a week in May, Raelee joined the group for a residency at QPAC, a part of the program designed to take creative ideas from the development stage to a creative product.

After winning a First Nations emerging writer fellowship that saw her placed in the Blue Mountains, Raelee was inspired to write an Aboriginal gothic horror set in the misty, cold and grey wilderness.

Talking to QPAC, Raelee said she was a poet and a non-fiction writer, but had been seeking a new challenge. When she saw the advertisement for the program she thought she would apply to try something different. Through Sparks, she discovered she was able to combine two things she loved – poetry and theatre – to create a work she is really proud of.

“I found that there is a lot of correlation between poetry and playwriting.”

Once the program is finished she will continue to develop her script, but knows she will be able to take all her learnings and apply them to her other work as well.

Raelee said the week at QPAC had been one of the best parts of the program so far, not only being able to dedicate time to write, but having the opportunity to talk through her ideas with others on a similar journey.

“It’s a really collaborative process.”

Sparks participants working through creative development


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