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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Community, Compassion, Come From Away

The cast talk about why the global hit musical is the perfect show for our time

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After a snap COVID lockdown in Greater Brisbane forced Come From Away to close for a week at QPAC, cast members of this award-winning musical say local audiences in particular will be able to relate to this uplifting show more than ever.

Hear from some of the cast as they talk about why this is the show we all need right now.

Navigating a pandemic and copping the brunt of floods, hailstorms and cyclones all in living memory the people of Brisbane are a resilient bunch. The cast of Come From Away agree, and they believe this musical, with themes of compassion, community and ‘coming together’, will resonate with Brisbane audiences.

That aspect of community, coming together to look after other people, selflessly... Brisbane communities can really respond to that [and] relate to that, Katrina Retallick

At its core, Come From Away is a story of kindness and humanity. Your heartstrings will be played like a fiddle; you’ll be laughing, crying and tapping your feet. You’ll walk away with the songs playing over and over in your mind, bringing a smile to your face long after you leave the theatre.

You can’t help but see the show and leave feeling good about the human race, Zoe Gertz.

And, just like a three-day lockdown, Sharreise Hamilton says, You can’t help but be like ‘we went through something together’.


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