QPAC is more than the Centre at South Bank.

We are an important part of the life and vibrancy of Queensland, connecting with diverse communities across our large and amazing state. 

QPAC is not for profit, and we raise over 85% of our funding from non-government sources. We rely on the support of generous individuals and partners to support us in connecting with communities and to deliver our learning and engagement programs.

Our vision and ambition are expansive, our resources are not. Your support can make all the difference.  

With your support we can: 

  • Develop programs to expand arts literacy and opportunity for children and young people
  • Support and empower First Nations artists to create work through a black perspective 
  • Deliver regional engagement initiatives to bring live performing arts to all of Queensland 
  • Provide access to the arts  for community members who have barriers to experiencing the live performance
  • Collaborate with artists to develop new works


For more information, contact QPAC's Development Team.
E: development@qpac.com.au
P: (07) 3842 9018