Story is a magazine for the creative and curious. Published three times a year by QPAC, Story fosters more (and more robust) conversation through art and culture. We believe that stories matter and there’s a critical role for cultural institutions like ours to take part in public debate, address the issues of our time and to amplify and continue the conversations artists start on our stages. 

Each edition explores a particular idea or provocation and features writers, artists, thinkers and commentators from here and around the world. Hard copies of Story are available at QPAC and various locations across the city. If you’d like to join the mailing list, please get in touch via Highlights of each edition are featured here.

Ideas of paradise, in one form or another, are woven through the fabric of much of our program. They lead us to questions about whether paradise is a location, a state of being, an idea, a period of time, a reward for a life well lived, or an absence of something or someone. Does it exist outside of or within you?

Our contributors consider paradise from its etymological origins – an Iranian word for garden or enclosed park – to its contemporary relevant in the global climate conversation.

Desire is a knotty, contradictory kind of a thing. It can be a catalytic force, a driver of addiction, a gateway to the forbidden. It holds the promise of something more, a way to alter reality. Whole industries are built around it and rely on our relentless commitment to consumption.

Our contributors navigate a multitude of desires and their associated objects whether they are places, people, treasures or achievements.

What or who do we have faith in at a time in history when democracy is failing to live up to its promise; when our environment is in grave danger; the media doesn’t fulfill its fourth estate role; organised religion is in decline; and we mistrust our politicians and systems? Faith as an idea didn’t just have malleable edges but was fluid to its core and often spoken about with an ironic tinge.

What is faith? Is it desirable, a kind of madness, an illusion?

Madness is real and imagined. Everything and nothing. Light and heavy. Fleeting and eternal. Individual and collective. Informed by QPAC’s program that influenced the theme of this edition, our contributors have taken different paths and arrived in different places in relation to madness.

Inside these pages, and beyond through The Creatory, we bring together ideas, people, musings and moments so that we may know ourselves better, see others and imagine possible futures.

This edition of Story pulls the idea of resistance apart and looked at it from multiple perspectives. To resist, in whatever form, implies action of one kind or another. To actively put up a fight against something, a political regime, dubious big business or a perceived social ill is taxing. Certainly in this moment and political environment, resistance is most frequently thought of in the context of large-scale public protest. But the more you ponder resistance, the more complex and slippery it gets.

Change or metamorphosis is the driving idea behind this edition of Story. It began as an observation of how many elements of the upcoming program started life in another art form – novels transformed to musical theatre and dance, television transformed to live performance, rock album to rock opera. In addition to changing form, many of the works address deeper issues of transformation.


In this edition of Story, one of the most enduring kinds of story looms large – fairy tale – inspired in large part by our presentation of Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White.

As well as fairy tales, across our program over the second half of 2016 are productions that explore religion, spirituality, ritual, symbol and morality.

This edition of Story is inspired by QPAC's January to June 2016 program. Many of the contributors touch on the idea of place and what it means to belong somewhere. 

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