Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

due to ongoing flood damage. For a range of options within walking distance of QPAC please visit our Transport to QPAC page.


Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

QPAC Signage

QPAC offers a range of signage options around the venue

Signage options include the below.

For more information on pricing and opportunities please contact your Event Manager. 

Digital Screens

QPAC’s large format digital screens offer exciting frequency and dynamic content possibilities, targeting a large volume of high worth and culturally active people in Brisbane.
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Duratran display in box office on main foyer level at QPAC.

Size 900mm deep x 600mm wide
set file to 50% and send as a print ready .pdf no crops
Duration up to 3 months placement (subject to availability)
Cost Contact us for pricing
Reach 50,000 per month (patrons passing by)

Poster Sites

Numerous poster sites are located throughout QPAC, its tunnels and car parks. A3 and A2 posters (provided by hirer) will be displayed in selected locations subject to availability.

While we endeavour to give as much exposure as possible, placement times and locations cannot be guaranteed.

A maximum 10 posters (A2 work best) are to be supplied to QPAC.

This Month @ QPAC

Your event will be included in AO posters that feature what's on at QPAC each month. These posters are displayed at numerous locations including box office, street level, patron lifts, and at the Cultural Centre bus stop.

Posters are displayed one month in advance for a total of two months.

Melbourne Street Stage Banner

Size 3950mm wide x 3350mm deep
set file to 10% at 400dpi
Format: .pdf 

MSG signage is limited to events taking place on the MSG or QPAC Presents product.

Curbside Framed Banners

Located at street level on the South Bank and Grey Street walls of QPAC. There are 8 banners on Grey Street and 10 banners on Little Stanley Street. The current demand for curbside frames outweighs supply so it is important that you apply for space allocation as soon as is practical. In line with QPAC branding we will supply artwork specs for the curbside which will allow for utilisation of a QPAC branding footer. This footer will contain the QPAC logo and booking details. A cost per month will apply after the initial two months display.

Size Actual size is 2175mm deep x 3230mm wide
type area 2095mm deep x 3150mm wide. Add 50mm bleed all round. Set to 10% at 400dpi
Location Grey Street and South Bank (Grey Street x 10 sites, Little Stanley St x 8, Playhouse x 4)
Format: .pdf 

Note these banners are not directly illuminated at night. Advance bookings are essential. Subject to availability. Minimum 1 month maximum 3 months.

Melbourne Street Walkway Banner

Melbourne Street Walkway banner is visible to traffic crossing the Victoria Bridge, foot traffic, as well as people using the Cultural Centre busway. The space is at the discretion of Arts Queensland. Please place your request for space as early as practical. All requests will be considered however Arts Queensland does have guidelines to manage demand.

Size 2000mm deep x 12000mm wide
Location Melbourne St - Cultural Centre busway
Format: .pdf 

Cascade Court Flags

The Cascade Court Flags offer impactful real estate for your message to peak Melbourne Street vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Please note this opportunity is available exclusively for shows at QPAC and is subject to availability.

Size Large format flags are 5000mm deep x 1500mm wide
Location Cascade Court
Cost: Includes Production, installation, dismantling and maintenance.

Melbourne Street Corner Sign

Located on the corner of Melbourne and Little Stanley Streets at the base of the stairs leading to the Cascade Court. This site has considerable foot traffic from both the city and the Cultural Centre busway.


QPAC has an internal CCTV system, which is exclusively available to promote upcoming performances and QPAC sponsors. Video footage screens in QPAC main box office and theatre foyers.


The below video and image slide specifications are recommended for high quality display. Download the specs guide




Image Slides


Resolution Aspect Ratio 16:9
High Definition (1920x1080p, 1280x720p)

Minimum 72dpi


15 sec, 30 sec (recommended for promos), 60 sec
Up to 4 mins for seasonal promos
Up to 4 mins for behind the scenes/extra content videos


End card for event information and a QPAC
call-to-action e.g. "book now at QPC"

Must include a QPAC call-to-action
eg. "Book now at QPAC"
File Format .mov (Quicktime) .jpg, .png
Codec .H264  N/A
Audio 48kHz N/A
Video Bitrate 4mbps - 8mbps  N/A
Max File Size Approximately 300mb for a 4 min file Maximum 2mb
Material Deadline 10 business days before broadcast  10 business days before broadcast


Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of this land, their spirits and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors – our First Nations Peoples – gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, towards creating a better Queensland.