Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

due to ongoing flood damage. For a range of options within walking distance of QPAC please visit our Transport to QPAC page.


Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgment of Country by Aunty Colleen Wall, a Senior Woman from the Dauwa (String Bark) Clan of the Ka’bvai or Kabi (Bee) Nation and Elder in Residence at QPAC.

It is an honour to be asked to pay respects to this Goor’baru-Yuggarabal First Nation Homelands on behalf of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre which is situated on a very significant First Nations Place. 

All First Nation Significant Places are associated with Song-lines and Dreaming (Law) Stories which pass on Land Law and spirituality; regulate people’s behaviour; recognises First Nation contact sites with other cultures; and maintain identified heritage places that hold great meaning to First Nation peoples.

Stanley Street that originally ran alongside QPAC, is a tiny section of a major Dreaming Trail/Song-Line that traverses all of Australia.

As QPAC’s Skills-based Elder in Residence, I must respect Djuka - Aboriginal Land Law – which requires Lawful Behaviour on Country.

As a Senior Dauwa Kabi Woman, I must pay tribute to the Ancestors of these particular Lands today being: - Kuril, (giant mouse) who is inherently link to Kaggur-Mabul, (Mt Gravatt - Echidna Place); Cumbooki (Crayfish) and Kar’ara (Corella) Waterholes, as well as Nga’rum (Highgate Hill) the home of the Frilled-neck Lizard along with Ngu’dur (paperbark) and Bang’wal (Swamp Fern).

On behalf of all of you out there reading this on-line through our sacred space of Bi’ra the Sky Spirit - I pay respects to all the Spiritual Ancestors of your lands as well these Lands in Brisbane.

I say Dhim’bulun’gari – we meet ‘in friendship’ to celebrate on this ancient land.

I tell them who I am, that my Nation’s Murung Spirit - blood tie to Country, is the Kau’vai Bee of the Mary River and that I have Spiritual responsibilities to Gudya the dark-honey bee of Mt Coot-tha, cousin to my Ancestor Kau’vai/Gobai the light-honey Bee. I pay respects to all Bee Ancestors.

I acknowledge Kung Ngar’vung - the Freshwater Dreaming Spirit as she travels within the Brisbane River and all the other rivers which are the veins of Mother Earth. She revitalises all our sacred waterholes and springs from her huge heart, the Artesian Basin.

I acknowledge Munda’gudar the Creator Being of the Brisbane River and all other rivers, lakes and springs across our Lands.

I pay respects to Marun - Goanna my personal Murung and to all Goanna Spirits on Country. 

I pay tribute to Dauwa Stringybark my Clan Murung and to all the sacred Tree Spirits across this great land and especially on your lands.

I acknowledge - Yen’na Guan’ba – the Travel-tracks throughout our shared lands that carry Mother Earth’s sacred Land Laws as Song-lines.

I ask all Ancestral Spirits from our respective Lands to keep us safe and well and in good spirit both mentally and physically at this time.  

I ask them to keep our individual Creative Spirits flowing strong so we can continue telling our stories within our respective genres’ and support us in our endeavours.

I say
Nga’ra – Welcome;

And give you a Kabi Blessing,

Mur’ruba Nginda - Good Spirit and Harmony to you all.


QPAC First Nations

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of this land, their spirits and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors – our First Nations Peoples – gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, towards creating a better Queensland.