Year in Review

A review on our progress towards our strategic goals

QPAC is entangled with the wider community

The modern performing arts centre was a concept conceived in the mid-20th century. Traditionally they were places where people attended to see art but not necessarily connect with art. When QPAC was conceived of more than 30 years ago it was to establish a physical space in the heart of Brisbane where people could gather and take part in the performing arts, be it as audience member or performer.

Over three decades QPAC has grown with the economic and social success of Brisbane. The Cultural Precinct and South Bank have become some of the most active parts of Brisbane, filled with artists, thinkers and observers. Alongside this is a growing citywide sense of pride that comes from living in Brisbane.

In recent years, QPAC has enticed a number of high profile major performing arts companies from around the world to visit Brisbane exclusively. Though smaller in population than our southern counterparts these visits have expanded QPAC's, and Queensland's reputation as an attractive cultural tourism destination.

Today, QPAC is an entangled part of a larger community…of artists, producers and performers; of our local arts industry here at the Cultural Precinct and more widely across Queensland and Australia; of an international collective of artists with whom we work and collaborate; of a state government that supports us in achieving our mission of bringing arts experiences to as many people as possible; of our staff who are in the wings creating magic each day; and of our audiences without whom we may not present our shows.

In recent years the interplay between artist and audience and engaging with people has changed. As we approach a milestone – 30 years – we are mindful of where we have come from, we are taking a quiet moment of proud reflection for our current circumstances and we are looking ahead to the horizon of endless possibilities.

I am proud to share this journey with you.

Chief Executive



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