QPAC Museum Offer of Donation

Are you interested in donating material to the QPAC Museum?

Please read our Donation Guidelines before submitting the below form.

If you require further information or have any questions about this form, please contact the QPAC Museum on (07) 3840 7362 or email collections@qpac.com.au.


If possible, please take photographs of the your material to help us assess your offer. Please position a ruler beside the item in the photo to provide a sense of scale. Details such as inscriptions or labels would be most appreciated. It is also helpful to take photos from several different angles and in good light. Please email your photographs to collections@qpac.com.au after completing the below form.


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Your Material
Briefly describe the material you wish to offer including subject areas, (e.g. Theatre, Dance, Music, Opera, Circus) and time periods covered. Please also indicate the quantity of material.
Please provide the name of the person, family or organisation that created or kept the material.
Where is the material currently stored?
Indicate the general condition of the material e.g. fair, a little dusty, water damaged, evidence of mould.