Top 5 reasons to see Woolf Works at QPAC



Choreographer Wayne McGregor is one of the world’s leading contemporary ballet choreographers. He has said about his work: “I am designing an EXPERIENCE for the viewer that may stimulate their visual sense, their acoustic sense, their kinaesthetic senses, individually or all at the same time.”


Renowned composer Max Richter has created a unique blend of orchestral and electronic score for Woolf Works, featuring music spatialisation that includes the chimes of Big Ben, Virginia Woolf’s voice and Cornish waves


Woolf Works is inspired by the life and work of Virginia Woolf, including three of her landmark novels, Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves


This is a Brisbane exclusive; Outside of London, you can’t see these works anywhere in the world this year


The Royal Ballet haven’t performed in Australia for 15 years and may not be back again for many years. Seize this once in a generation opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest dance companies perform


QPAC Goes Royal