Meet Val Flynn

One of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019

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Meet Joshua Kilroy


Meet Val Flynn, a born performer and refreshing new voice in the Australian music scene. Reminiscent of early 2000’s hip hop futuristic sounds, and exploring themes of love, sex, and individuality, Val Flynn has global ambitions to resonate with the heart beats that skip to their own sound.

Val Flynn is one of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019. The Seedling program focuses on the creative development process, enabling artists and creatives the space to explore, seed new ideas, and challenge forms of expression.

Tell us about your journey into your practice. What got you started?

I’ve been performing since I was a kid and have always just loved being on stage/in front of the camera. My love for music has really driven me to chase the dream of making pop music and all the great content that comes along with that! I just love it. 

How does your culture have an impact on how and why you develop work?

I always create music based on my emotions, experience and memories. My culture is who I am so I guess you could say it’s threaded through everything I create.

Meet our Seedling BlakBeat artists for 2019

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