Meet Rachael Maza

One of the creatives bringing The Crab and the Mangrove Tree to life!

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Meet Rachael Maza


Rachael Maza is one of Australia’s most recognisable faces of the Australian film, television and theatre industry with performance credits including the Australian Film Institute award-winning Radiance and the stage production of The Sapphires.

As a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduate, Rachael’s outstanding performances have been acknowledged with a Green Room Award and a Sydney Theatre Critics Circle Award. Rachael has also worked as a presenter for ABC Message Stick and as an acting coach on films such as the multi-award-winning Rabbit Proof Fence.

Rachael’s first taste of directing was Stolen (1992) for ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, however, it wasn’t until 2009 that she rejoined the company as Artistic Director. Since then she has directed Sisters of Gelam (2009), Jack Charles V The Crown (2010), Foley (2011), Beautiful One Day (2012) and Which Way Home (2016). Rachael currently sits on the board of the Australia Centre for the Moving Image, the Circus Oz Indigenous Advisory Panel, Australian Opera Indigenous Advisory Panel and the Green Room Awards Theatre Company Panel.

Rachael is one of the creatives bringing The Crab and the Mangrove Tree to life!

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