Meet Nancy Bamaga

One of the creatives bringing The Crab and the Mangrove Tree to life!

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Meet Nancy Bamaga


Nancy Bamaga is of Saibai Island descent, and currently lives in Brisbane. She is a highly regarded and much sought after community cultural development practitioner with over 30 years’ experience. Nancy is a Managing Director for her company Black Drum Productions which produced and delivered the G20 World Leaders G20 SUMMIT - Welcome to Country 2014 in partnership with Bangarra Dance Company.  Her company along with a social enterprise was awarded Reconciliation 2013 Partnership Award with Queensland Performing Arts Trust for Clancestry a Celebration of Country. Nancy was nominated for the Australian of the Year 2013 award. In 2011, Nancy received a citation as part of International Women’s Day celebrations for her longstanding service to the community in the areas of human rights and cultural development.

Nancy is one of the creatives bringing The Crab and the Mangrove Tree to life!

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