Meet Mack Ridge

One of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019

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Mack Ridge is an emerging Indigenous hip hop artist based in Brisbane city. Ridge’s music has urban influences including 2Pac and Ice Cube and he is currently working on a new and exciting EP.

Mack is one of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019. The Seedling program focuses on the creative development process, enabling artists and creatives the space to explore, seed new ideas, and challenge forms of expression.

Tell us about your journey into your practice. What got you started?

I started off freestyle rapping in my home neighbourhood of Acacia Ridge as a young teen, though it wasn’t until last year I really decided to push my music and pursue a career as a hip hop artist.

How does your culture have an impact on how and why you develop work?

My culture is who I am as a person and I try to express that through my music. So it does play a big part in how and why I develop my work.

How important do you think the role of contemporary creatives is in continuing the tradition of storytelling? Why? 

I think it is important because as much as we have our Dreaming and Song line stories to tell, there are also modern day stories to be told of First Nations culture and history.

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