Meet Leon Filewood

One of our Biggest Mobs artists for 2019

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Leon Filewood


Leon Filewood is an engaging presence on stage with an ability to spin a yarn and tell a story unrivalled by many others. Originally from Thursday Island, a law degree under his belt and a strong passion to see a more inclusive Australia, Leon is one to watch. With a resume as impressive in its academic accolades, life experiences as well as philanthropy, it’s no wonder his brand of humour is quickly earning him acclaim within the comedy industry.

Winning the Melbourne International Comedy Festival ‘Deadly Funny Competition’ in 2018, Leon has gone from strength to strength.

As a newcomer, his rise has been swift and deadly, with momentum only continuing to build on his way up. His comedy is sharp, clever and bitingly political and always has a message, while still remaining light and entertaining.

You can see Leon at the Biggest Mob of Laughs on 18 November 2019.

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