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Meet Alinta McGrady

One of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019

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Meet Alinta McGrady


Ling Jay also known as Alinta, is a captivating creative who empowers the masses with her raw and energetic performance style. Having worked with various creatives in the Brisbane performing arts scene and at numerous festivals and events, she is also the other half of Duet Balairi with Benjin Maza.

Alinta is one of our Seedlings BlakBeat artists for 2019. The Seedling program focuses on the creative development process, enabling artists and creatives the space to explore, seed new ideas, and challenge forms of expression.

Tell us about your journey into your practice? What got you started?

Song and dance has always played an important role in my life from a young age and has constantly been this force weaving through my life from a child to a teen into adulthood. It has only been in the last 4 to 5 years whilst freelancing and after finishing my studies that I have really explored and discovered my own individual practice through song and writing and performance and have taken the time to ask myself “what is it that I want to say?” and “why do I do what I do?” I think a huge part of this journey has come from learning to be comfortable and confident with who I am and wanting others ESPECIALLY women of colour, to relate and feel empowered.

How does your culture have an impact on how and why you develop work?

My culture is a part of my identity. My identity makes up my individuality. Knowing who I am at my core allows me to speak freely and to be creative. 

How important do you think the role of contemporary creatives is in continuing the tradition of storytelling? Why? 

Our roots are so deep and because of this we are going to be forever evolving, asking questions, being vocal on issues that are important to our people and all people who experience systematic oppression and are fighting for equality. These will be the stories of this generation and will be passed down to the next. This is a part of our history, just like our ancestor’s stories have been told generations before us. No matter what art form, we have and will continue to keep telling stories. It’s so vital that we keep reminding ourselves that we are important and that our stories are important as well.

Meet our Seedling BlakBeat artists for 2019

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