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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

Five Minutes with ... Laser Beak Man

We spend five minutes catching up with Laser Beak Man, the colourful superhero created by Australian Artist, Tim Sharp

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Drawing has been Tim’s favourite way of communicating since childhood. At age three, he was diagnosed with autism which affects everyday life and impacts most on the ability to communicate and form relationships.

In 1999 at aged 11, Tim created Laser Beak Man and drew him every day. Over the last two decades, the humour and joy of Tim and Laser Beak Man have won fans all over the world through art, an animated television series, numerous documentaries, a best-selling book and live theatre production.

Even though he does not speak…
Laser Beak Man shared some of his thoughts with us…

When did you first realise you could shoot lasers from your beak? That must have been a game-changer!

Laser Beak Man takes a small black book from his zipped secret pocket and shows the interviewer page number three. The book is titled The Laser Beak Man hand book of by-laws for being a super hero.

(a) Never talk about your super powers
(b) A real super hero doesn’t talk it, they just do it.

Why did you want to become a superhero?

Laser Beak Man has no comment on this.

Fact Check: From all available information recorded about Laser Beak Man it appears that he has always been a superhero. It was not a choice. He was born that way. He has never tried to change who he is. Even from kindergarten he always stood up against bullies and bad guys as witnessed in scene one of Dead Puppet Society’s theatre production of Laser Beak Man when he takes on his nasty childhood nemesis Peter Bartman. He is purely and simply Laser Beak Man, just the way he is.

What modern day superhero do you look up to?

Laser Beak Man hands the interviewer a crumpled newspaper clipping, it is from an unnamed New York newspaper.

“Following his recent court case, this paper has been asking the questions, ‘Who is Laser Beak Man?’ and ‘What is his relationship with other superheroes?’ Laser Beak Man has rarely been pictured in the company of other superheroes. The most reported time was in New York City when artist Tim Sharp provided court room drawings for the case Spider-Man versus Laser Beak Man.

In that case it was alleged that Laser Beak Man, standing at an open window on the 37th Floor of an unnamed building on Broadway, used a pair of razor sharp scissors to cut Spider-Man’s web, as he swung from building to building through the streets of New York. Laser Beak Man’s defence team successfully argued that Spider-Man was nothing but a public pest and had been causing unnecessary traffic congestion in the busiest city in the world. The charges were dropped when Spider-Man revealed that he had attention seeking syndrome, easily identified by the ridiculous upside-down kiss, and admitted he needed help.

Laser Beak Man kindly offered to pay for Spider-Man’s therapy for that disability once Spider-Man’s body plaster and neck brace were removed. In a handwritten statement under cross examination the defence lawyer asked, ‘Are there any superheroes you look up to?'

Laser Beak Man wrote the words…

“We are all equal. We are all super heroes.”

We hear you’re travelling internationally soon. Where are your dream holiday locations?

Putting on his hibiscus patterned cape it is revealed that Laser Beak Man’s next holiday destination is Hawaii. He then takes from his suitcase a crown and a set of bagpipes, and with a big thumbs up reveals that his biggest dream would be to visit London and Scotland and hit the stages of the United Kingdom before taking over the stages of the rest of the world.

You’ve come across a few baddies in your time, like Peter Bartman and Emily Evil… what do you think drives people to be evil?

Laser Beak Man shakes his head in a ‘no’ and covers his eyes with his hands. He sees no evil.

What is your heart’s desire?

Using hand gestures and facial expressions Laser Beak Man makes a peace sign with two raised fingers. Using two hands he joins his fingers together to make a heart. Then a gigantic smile appears on his face. His heart’s desire is clear. Peace, love and happiness.




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