Beaconsfield Terrace by Lillian Curthoys

Lillian Curthoys offers her perspective of paradise in suburban Brisbane through photography and poetry

A sign on a building that says "Parking at Rear", with a electrical pole in the background

This I will remember

The sound of rain on corrugated iron, drumming as though it were impatient to fall A cellophane sky crackling I will remember the smell of mangoes in the kitchen, in the fruit bowl we’ve had for years

Fruit flies whisking the air to make meringue

Sometimes the bananas were rotten

I will remember the way we cut caterpillars from the leaves of the Lilly Pilly, and put them in jars on the verandah

And when we woke up

It was a moving forest of black and white Hundreds and hundreds of legs all moving

I will remember putting away 5c pieces into a silver money bank,

And running to the store when you left the house

Remember the mint jubes and melted ice cream

I remember




Lillian Curthoys is a Brisbane based poet, writer and third year student at Queensland University of Technology. A mid tier soccer player and average social netball player, Lillian writes from home about home, with a family heavy voice that centres itself in Brisbane’s leafier inner city suburbs. She’s a big believer in the truth never getting in the way of a good story, but doesn’t believe that good stories can’t be true. Lillian was a runner up in the QUT’s Youth and Children’s Writing Competition with her story Ocean Eyes and was a reader at QUT’s Harmony Literary Salon. Lillian has big plans for when she graduates, like moving to New York, but currently doesn’t want to leave her two dogs at home in Brisbane.