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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Angelin Preljocaj


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Angelin Preljocaj was born in the Paris region and began studying classical ballet before turning to contemporary dance.

In 1980, he went to New York after which he resumed his studies in France before founding his own company in December 1984. His productions are now part of the repertoire of many companies, many of which also commission original production from him, notably La Scala of Milan, the New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet.

Since October 2006, the Ballet Preljocaj and its permanent dancers have resided at the Pavillon Noir in Aix-en-Provence, a building entirely dedicated to dance, with Angelin Preljocaj as its artistic director.

"It's an incredible tale. Romantic but also dark and cruel, like a thriller with so many developments. I think this is a very modern conflict. Everywhere I go, I see women of 45 or 50, out on the streets with their daughters. With modern medicine and nutrition, these women appear very beautiful, sensual and young. They even share clothes with their daughters. But they no longer have their daughters' youth and freshness. I think we are entering the era of the Snow White complex."
“I was very keen to tell a story. I have recently created some very abstract pieces with Empty moves and Eldorado (Sonntags Abschied) and, as often happens, I wanted to do something completely different, write something very concrete and offer something magical and enchanted. No doubt it was to avoid getting into a rut. And also because, like everyone else, I love stories.”

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