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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Cheese and crackers!

Young kids from Queensland Children’s Hospital get all access pass to Bluey for Juiced TV program

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For many years we’ve hosted patients from Queensland Children’s Hospital to come behind the scenes at QPAC and film episodes for Juiced TV, the TV show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital.

We always love arranging for these very special kids to meet and interview the stars of our many productions either at QPAC or at the hospital itself.

From A Winter’s Tale by The Royal Ballet and Strictly Ballroom to The Lion King and Shrek The Musical, many patients and their siblings, with the help of the Juiced TV crew, have starred in episodes that bring a little performing arts magic and fun to hospital patients and their families. Juiced TV visits are not only fun for the kids who take part, the artists and creatives always get a kick of out meeting these beautiful young people and sharing their knowledge with them.

Juiced TV interview the kids about Bluey
Three young budding TV presenters Seanna, Oscar and Carter were invited to QPAC recently to experience the super popular Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show.

Not only did the kids and their parents get to see this heart-warming play they were then taken on stage after the show to chat with some of the cast, the puppetry director and met the one and only... Bluey!

Production and Operations Coordinator for Juiced TV Elin Reeves summed up what this opportunity meant.

“What fun the kids had watching the performance and getting up on stage to meet the cast. Sending a huge thanks to you and your team for your efforts in making it possible for the kids and their families to have this happy experience and lasting memory.”

Check out the Juiced TV segment to see what a special experience it was for the kids and their families thanks to the cast and creatives of Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show.

Read more about Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show.

About Juiced TV

Juiced TV exists to revolutionise the way kids and their families experience hospital. It’s ‘made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital’, giving sick kids the best chance to get better with innovative and fun entertainment designed to help them heal.


An Australian-first program, each week, the Juiced TV team create amazing experiences that distract, entertain and empower at the Queensland Children’s Hospital or throughout regional Queensland hospitals.

Find out more and watch episodes at Juiced TV. 

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