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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Five Minutes with … Jimeoin

Jimeoin is an English-born Irish stand-up comedian and actor

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Jimeoin, the English-born Irish stand-up comedian and actor, has been well known in Australia since the 1990s, not only for his live gigs, but also for his television shows. Here, we get a chance to ask him a few questions…

1. What makes you laugh?

Same thing that makes most people laugh. Jokes are good. Like in jokes you hear in a pub. The shorter the better. For example, drunk guy goes into a library and says, ‘Fish and chips please.’ Librarian says, ‘This is a library, drunk man.’ ‘Sorry. (whispering) Can I have some fish and chips please?’ Jokes and silly stuff. Nothing too clever and where you don't read into it too much.

2. What gives you the most comic material and why?

My own life and my shortcomings more than anything. I'm the idiot. I'm the clown. If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? I don't like laughing at other people’s expense. I’d rather laugh at my own.

3. What’s a joke that you’ve told that has absolutely fallen flat?

Where do you want to start? There are too many to mention. There are ones I think are average and get a big laugh. Ones I think are great that get little. Here's another joke that doesn't have a good hit rate: Jesus at the last supper says, ‘Someone in this room will betray me tonight.’ Judas says, ‘Is it me Jesus? Is it me Jesus?’ Jesus says to everyone, ‘Listen to him. (mocking) Is it me Jesus? Is it me Jesus?’ Either people love it or hate that one.

4. Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight and why?

No one. Least of all a celebrity. You run out of things to say. I like to stretch out. Nothing better than a free seat. And yes. I fly economy.

5. Do you have a favourite performance hall / venue / arena?

QPAC in Brisbane of course. I know I have never done it before but that is not the point. I know it's going to be good. That and Sydney Opera House.

6. What kind of birthday cake do you request each year?

I don't eat cake much. Don't even like it when it's someone else's birthday and you have to try a bit or it's rude. It stuffs up my wine.

7. What inspires you? Or who?
Exercise inspires me. Once I've done it and then the next time I'm thinking I hate this. Other people I know doing better than me as well.

8. Preferences for:

  • Live drama or stand-up comedy? What do you think?
  • Orchestra or pop concert or heavy metal rock show? Orchestra or pop
  • Early bird or night owl? Night bird
  • Sweet or savoury breakfasts? Savoury

9. What does the performing arts mean to you?
It's a night on. I like the effort that people go to, to see a show. It's not lazy and it's often something left of centre.

10. And finally, what can’t you leave the house without?
The keys. Otherwise I can't get back in.

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