En Pointe

From Story Act 1, 2017

Queensland Ballet’s Lisa Edwards demonstrates her process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Ballet shoes – with their flushed pink demeanour and gentle, dangly ribbons – connote ideas of softness and delicacy and the sense that they arrive in perfect form ready to be slipped on to the awaiting foot of an excited ballerina. Instead, dancers put their shoes through all manner of fire and fury before they get anywhere near their feet.

Why do dancers alter their shoes?
To customise them to your feet so they fit perfectly when you dance. Each shoe is handmade and no two pairs are ever identical.

How many pointe shoes will you use for a season?
A Principal dancer can go through two to three pairs of pointe shoes during one performance.

How long does it take you to prepare a pair of pointe shoes?
It can take up to 40 minutes to prepare one pair, each dancer has a different method.

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