Behind the Scenes: JADE New World Collective

Behind the scenes with QPAC’s ensemble-in-residence, JADE New World Collective

Collaboration – a practice where people agree to work together for a common purpose to achieve benefit.

Co-creation – describes how people create new work/ideas/ processes. It requires collaborators to enter a deeper pattern of connection by learning-within-relationship. It involves suspension of habitual ways of thinking and feeling to allow new possibilities.

Collaboration and co-creation require significant faith in the abilities of your fellow artists, the sharing of strengths to inspire bigger ideas. In the case of JADE, QPAC’s newly formed ensemble-in-residence, they begin creative development with improvisation.

When in harmony – musically and individually – the music produced as a result of the collaborative spirit transcends its individual parts. This is a glimpse into part of JADE’s journey as they began to explore unfamiliar creative territory.

JADE’s music weaves together the expansive music of Indigenous Australia with Western sounds and traditional Asian soundscapes.