This exhibition presents a special collection of artworks produced by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who have been associated with the Youth Justice system and spent time at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre or Cleveland Youth Detention Centre in Townsville.

These young men and women have found themselves in a challenging situation, yet their work is bright, expressive and auspicious. Art has the ability to transcend time and space and it is in these moments of clarity, that artists can experience freedom and cultural connection with their old people guiding their paintbrushes.

The artworks represent a diversity of stories with the commonality of cultural pride. Utilising mostly acrylic paint on canvas and other surfaces, narratives are often overlayed with dots, lines, symbols and cross-hatching resembling the popularised Aboriginal painting styles of the last few decades. Although this technique is not customary to the east coast of Australia, many people apply it to their work as a contemporary representation of their culture.

See My Story is a powerful exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices exploring identity, memory and fortitude. The artworks were created with the assistance of Artists-in-Residence; Aunty Nancy Torrens, Rory Houston and Brett Parker.

This exhibition was jointly produced by Department of Youth Justice, supported by Queensland Performing Arts Centre and partly funded by the Office of the Commonwealth Games, Queensland Government.