The Zane Neal Trio is comprised of Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University students and graduates, Zane Neal, Mark Davies and Lachlan Symons.  The trio is led by Zane, who hails from rural Queensland and dreams of extending a hand to the classical realm to bridge the gap between the higher facets of the music and its more earthen jazz population.  Zane considers himself an ambassador for these ‘salt of the earth’ jazz people and dreams of bringing jazz to the respectable higher class of the musical world. 

The trio will be playing a mix of some original work, standard jazz pieces, and classical themes integrated into the jazz language. Audiences can look forward to a night of fun as Zane presents his own musical olive branch to the classical population as a token of good faith, that jazz might one day become a pastime of the classical musicians too.

Presented by QPAC with Principal Partner Heritage Bank