Join us at QPAC’s Green Jam to hear Si Mullumby.

As a 20-year-old man, Si Mullumby left studying medicine at the prestigious University of Western Australia and single pointedly dedicated his life to play didgeridoo. He learned to play as he hitchhiked throughout remote areas of Australia, much like an Australian Into the Wild. Si spent long times in the wilderness alone, setting the fundamentals of his unique style in place. Si has pushed the boundaries of what can be done with the didgeridoo and has inspired a generation of players in Australia and around the world. He is the founding member of Wild Marmalade and also Dream Drone.

Si’s solo project weaves Flamenco Guitar, Spanish Cajon and percussion to create a world music framework supporting his signature didgeridoo sound. Musically influenced from his more than 20 years of travelling throughout the globe, Si delivers a unique experience born from walking the road less travelled.

During 2016 Si played three concerts at the Sydney Opera House.

Presented by QPAC with Principal Partner Heritage Bank