Join us on the Melbourne Street Green from 4pm for Creative Fusions Jam, a free music experience as part of The Ground Beneath Us Festival.

Bringing together an intergenerational collective from across cultures to jam, improvise and explore sound-making, renowned local artists will share the stage with performers selected from the Creative Fusions workshop program facilitated prior to this festival.

Creative Fusions Jam is a showcase of original soundscapes, songs and fusions sure to entrance and inspire those performing as well as those in attendance. An evening of pure music-making magic that you won’t want to miss!

About The Ground Beneath Us Festival

The Ground Beneath Us Festival is held across Brisbane from Friday, 27 May to Sunday, 29 May 2022. It is a festival designed to build bridges between cultures and communities, to dissolve the barriers that separate us and promote a soundscape that is representative of our time and of our evolving cultural identity. The festival will feature talented musicians, groups and emerging artists presenting their unique cultural music as well as collaborating together to create new sounds that transport audiences to a place of inner harmony, cultural understanding and communal wellbeing. Find out what’s on at the festival here.

Presented by QPAC in association with Sounds Across Oceans