The inaugural BrisAsia Symposium ‘Asia and the Mindful Century’ brings together art practitioners, creative thinkers and cultural influencers from across the community to share, demonstrate, discuss and debate in a spontaneous and interactive way. The Symposium explores ideas and themes that relate to holism, mindfulness practice, creativity, art, culture and identity.

Illuminate the mind, uplift the soul, and be challenged. Contribute to the transformation of our City as we bring culture and communities together in a celebration of our evolving identity. The day-long event will include a panel of improvising artists and discussions ranging from food culture to dance, film, music, philosophy and cultural diplomacy. The Symposium also provides opportunities for engagement with a cross-section of creative industry partners.

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Presented by Brisbane City Council in partnership with QPAC and Sounds Across Oceans

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More Information

  • Sounds Across Oceans

    Sounds Across Oceans is a new arts organisation established by guitarist/composer/educator Dr. Anthony Garcia and Cultural Arts Manager Jennifer Garcia to explore and promote a more holistic vision of music and its role in society. Through innovative education programs, workshops, presentations and performances that focus on collaboration, improvisation and interdisciplinary experimentation the SAO approach aims to build bridges between cultures and communities.

    Established in 2014 Sounds Across Oceans grew out of growing recognition that music had traditionally played a fundamental role in nurturing a cohesive, integrated and healthy society. For this to continue, new modes of practice that integrated a more culturally diverse range of creative methodologies, perspectives and disciplines was essential. The name Sounds Across Oceans symbolises a desire to develop a global creative vision while exploring the multidimensional capacity of music to create and share new ideas, uplift, heal, shift energies and ignite new perspectives.

    The methodology underpinning the SAO approach has evolved from research into improvisational practice, intercultural collaboration and action learning and emphasises the importance of respect, cultural sensitivity and awareness, musical openness, spontaneity and mentor-guided risk taking. An important objective of SAO is to research and document the methods and processes that generate healthy, positive artistic, psychosocial outcomes for participating students, artists and partner organisations and institutions.

  • Anthony Garcia BIO (Founder and Artistic Director SAO)

    Dr. Anthony Garcia is an acclaimed guitarist, composer and educator based in Brisbane, Australia. Born in the United States and raised and educated in South East Asia, Australia and Mexico, Garcia has recorded, toured and performed extensively throughout the world collaborating with creatives across a diverse range of artistic disciplines. Dr. Garcia’s exploratory philosophy of music-making and teaching has generated a highly personal creative approach that embraces both ancient and contemporary forms, world and ethnic music and improvisational practice.

    Dr. Garcia’s PhD research into improvisation, conducted University of Tasmania between 2012-2015, has informed ongoing research into intercultural and collaborative learning, teaching artistry, interdisciplinary practice and mindfulness meditation and music.  His passion for unifying the interlocking fields of musical performance, composition and education has informed ongoing pedagogical experimentation in schools, universities and the broader community and led to the establishment in 2014, in partnership with his wife Jennifer Garcia (SAO), a new music organisation dedicated to exploring ‘the multidimensional capacity of music and the arts to create and share new ideas, uplift, heal, shift energies and ignite new perspectives.'

    To date SAO workshops have been conducted in Germany, Thailand, Brisbane and regional Queensland and in 2018 SAO will present a summer school Creative Fusions 2018 and is curating the BrisAsia Festival 2018 Creative Sector Development Program for the Brisbane City Council.