Our Home Company Publicity Contacts

For all media enquiries regarding home company performances

All of QPAC’s Home Companies - Opera Queensland, Queensland Ballet, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Theatre - have their own Public Relations representative. Please contact them directly for any enquiries relating to any of their performances, performers or staff.

Opera Queensland
Jean Smith
Senior Project Manager, Agency North
T: 0474 385 109
E: jsmith@agencynorth.com.au

Queensland Ballet
Kendall Battley
Director of Internal and External Relations
T:  07 3013 6623 or 0401 739 15
E: kbattley@queenslandballet.com.au

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Kath Rose
Kath Rose & Associates
T: 07 3357 9054 or 0416 291 493
E: kath@kathrose.com

Queensland Theatre
Kath Rose
Kath Rose & Associates
T: 07 3357 9054 or 0416 291 493