Adapted from the award winning graphic novel by Shaun Tan, The Arrival is a universal migrant tale set in a fantastical time and place.

A man flees his homeland and journeys across vast seas to arrive in a strange, wondrous new world where giant ships fly through the air and curious creatures abound. There he negotiates dazzling architecture, bizarre foods and foreign tongues to build a new life. On his travels the man meets fellow migrants, each with their own tale to tell.

Like Tan’s book this production is a tribute to migrants, refugees and displaced people worldwide. It is ultimately a story of overcoming hardship, of humanity and of hope.


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“The Arrival is world class; one of the best examples of its kind you’ll ever see.” Janet McAllister, NZ Herald

    Recommended for 6+

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Presented by Out of the Box
A Red Leap Production in association with Out of the Box
An adaptation of the graphic novel by Shaun Tan