QPAC Presents

An outline of QPAC-initiated programming

The programs initiated by QPAC span all performing art forms and are presented under the QPAC Presents banner.

QPAC’s artistic program embraces the best in live performance and the intersection between our program and our community is at the heart of everything we do. QPAC Presents encompasses signature events such as the QPAC International Series, Out of the Box and Clancestry as well as a diverse range of local, national and international work and collaborations with our resident companies. QPAC aims to initiate a broad and relevant program that supports engagement and participation by the diverse communities we serve. The themes of Belonging and Hope underscore QPAC Presents programming.

Belonging evokes thoughts of relationships, place, inclusion and acceptance, connectedness and community. It is a positive affirmation that also protects us against isolation, disconnectedness, alienation and exclusion. Belonging may be considered a fundamental human need, and yet one’s perception of belonging is unique, having been shaped by personal experiences and contexts. Hope in the human condition relates to the cultivation of optimism and the visioning of creative possibilities and change. Like Belonging, Hope contributes to the well being of individuals and communities and is essential in supporting empowerment and development. Belonging and Hope provide rich themes and curatorial drivers for QPAC’s activity and connection with our audiences and the wider public.