QPAC on Tour

QPAC as a producer of touring work

As well as its presenting activity, QPAC is an active producer with a range of work available for touring locally, nationally and internationally.

QPAC has expertise in conceiving, developing and producing new work, with a particular emphasis on programs for children. Many of the works that have been developed for the Centre’s Out of the Box Festival have gone on to tour extensively.

QPAC regularly collaborates with artists, companies, producers and presenters from around the world utilising its resources, networks and expertise to help create a dynamic live performance culture.

At the heart of QPAC’s activities is the aim to cultivate excellence in cultural thinking, planning and delivery and help build the success of art in Queensland. QPAC strives to be a place that is readily accessible, filled with people learning, exploring and having fun. 

Below is a range of work available for touring through QPAC and its partners:

Children & Families

Carnival Of The Animals

Carnival of the Animals A work of sophisticated and delightful family entertainment, this multimedia reimagining of Carnival of the Animals is at once both contemporary and old world. It’s full of wild imagination and explosions of magic and humour that speak to audiences of all ages.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2014 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

A Queensland Ballet and Out of the Box Production
Funny, cheeky and feisty, Little Red Riding Hood is a delightful mashup of ballet and puppetry that families will love. This is a unique re-telling of a classic fairytale, set to an original score that will enthral the littlest lovers of dance and theatre.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2016 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.

Monster Hotel

Monster Hotel

Welcome to the Monster Hotel, where rich emotional monsters can stay, socialise, make cocoons and lay monster eggs...

In this play space, audiences use Hiromi Tango’s art magic recipes and materials to create their own artworks that are added to the installation. They interact with colour, texture and imaginative installation pieces to co-create the Monster Hotel.

Monster Hotel is a unique experience with particular focus on the emotional and social development of children aged 3 to 8 years, their families and carers.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2014 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.

Harmony & Presto

Harmony & Presto

Concerto for Harmony and Presto is an original show from debase and Out of the Box that mixes theatre, physical comedy, clowning, puppetry and music to create a quirky and fun experience for children 3+ and their families. This is a story of two unlikely friends. One day Presto arrives, bringing with him an astonishing array of bits and bobs that threaten Harmony's neat and ordered existence.

Harmony sees a cart full of junk. Presto sees infinite possibilities – precious things that when put together just the right way can create extraordinary music! Despite their differences Harmony and Presto must find a way to share their space and play together, resulting in an extraordinary musical extravaganza.

A debase and Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under production.



Creature is a new interactive digital and physical theatre performance for the whole family. Told with 3D projection images of Australian animals, it creates an exciting play space for both young audiences and performers alike.

Meet our indigenous flora and fauna through a retelling of the iconic Australian story of Dot and the Kangaroo. See a myriad of creatures in their natural habitat and explore their quirky characteristics amidst the beauty and fragility of the Australian bush. But how long before this unique native wildlife disappears as we humans encroach on their habitat and push them off the land? Creature invites you to enter the magical world of the Australian bush to explore how our actions affect the animals.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2016 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.

Invisible Me

Invisible Me

Are you black with white stripes? Or white with black stripes? Invisible Me follows the adventures of Stripey, a baby Emu, as he searches for his place in the vast Australian bush. Based on Wendy Binks’ award-winning and hugely popular story book, renowned chamber ensemble the Southern Cross Soloists blend narration and music in an interactive exploration of a land filled with strange and wonderful animals.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2012 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.




In 2015 Expressions Dance Company collaborated with China’s Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) and created a new joint work, Black, by acclaimed Hong Kong choreographer Xing Liang. This four-week residency culminated in the world premiere of Black, and enjoyed two sold-out showings in Guangzhou.

Black, a triple bill featuring both dancers from both companies, will premiere to Australian audiences at QPAC in February 2016. Showcasing the stunning artistry and exhilarating physicality of contemporary dance, Black features a trio of short works from three leading choreographers: Natalie Weir (Expressions Dance Company), Liu Qi (China) and Xing Liang (Hong Kong). Featuring sublime music and lighting, this Chinese-Australian collaboration draws on multiple tales of exploration, emotion and poetry to celebrate our cultural connection.

With a minimalistic set and stunning lighting, this cultural collaboration is ready to tour.

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s 7 Deadly Sins

Natalie Weir's  7 Deadly Sins

Natalie Weir’s 7 Deadly Sins premiered to Brisbane audiences in 2015 before touring to the Gold Coast.

The Expressions Dance Company ensemble of award-winning dancers take you on a journey through the seven deadly sins in this edgy production, spiced with villainous wit.

7 Deadly Sins is a ‘feast for all the senses’ that will enthral your audiences and boasts extravagant costumes, bold electronic music and the skill and beauty of the Expressions Dance Company ensemble of dancers. Designed with touring in mind and backed by raving critical and audience reviews and a range of marketing materials (including stunning imagery and footage and social media support), the show is sure to intrigue your audiences and provide a satisfying dance theatre experience for your program. The work appeals to dance, theatre and music audiences.

“...an hour of power and fierce energy that is heart accelerating for the audience.” The Queensland Times

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s The Host

Natalie Weir's The Host

You’ve never been to a dinner party like this before! Natalie Weir’s The Host premiered to sold-out audiences in Brisbane in 2015 and toured to Ipswich.

An elegant dinner party hosted by an influential young man for his manipulative guests is thrown into turmoil when power meets greed, ambition and jealousy. As the evening wears on The Host exposes society’s insatiable desire for control and status and the power play between the guests intensifies as the accusations start to fly.

The idea of a dinner party hosted by a wealthy young man of high status, and his guests, all with their own desires, insecurities and agendas provide great fodder for this work. Fast paced and fresh, The Host is accessible, enjoyable and exciting to watch. The production is designed to be a smaller scale work for regional touring and can tour with a string quartet or with pre-recorded music.

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s Carmen Sweet

Natalie Weir's Carmen Sweet

This iconic tale of Spanish heat and gypsy passion has proven to be one of Expressions Dance Company’s most loved productions, premiering to Brisbane audiences in 2013. It then toured to regional Queensland in 2014 before embarking on a national tour (New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia) in 2015.

Opera’s most famous femme fatale is stripped bare in this sumptuous dance interpretation of the legendary Carmen story, performed to Shchedrin’s gripping Carmen Suite by the stunning Expressions Dance Company ensemble of six dancers. Weir’s Carmen is a free spirit; dangerous, volatile and vulnerable, brought to vivid life by three dancers playing her different states of mind and alter egos.

Carmen Sweet was designed for intimate touring, with only a small couch on stage. Its accessibility appeals to a broad cross art form audience and bridges the gap between classical and contemporary dance.

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s When Time Stops

Natalie Weir's When Time Sops

Natalie Weir’s When Time Stops was created in 2013 for the Brisbane stage and received rave critical reviews and received a Helpmann Award for Best Original Score.

When Time Stops opens the floodgates on those achingly personal yet intensely dramatic life-defining events: new life, loss, love and longing. How we deal with these moments determines who we are, who we become, and what we hold dear. Do we sink or swim?

The work was originally staged with twelve live musicians (strings) from chamber orchestra, Camerata of St John’s. However composer Iain Grandage has also composed a score for three musicians to a backing track to enable more flexible touring options. Where required, set pieces and scenery can be adapted to suit touring requirements and multiple venues.

“An arresting, poignant, and ultimately, haunting piece of theatre.” The Courier-Mail

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s where the heart is

Natalie Weir's where the heart is

where the heart is premiered in Brisbane in 2010 and had a return season in 2012. Enjoying rave reviews in both seasons, the skilled curation of the dance, design, lighting and music created an exceptional theatre experience in 60 minutes.

Set against the iconic remnants of an old ‘Queenslander’, with lyrics inspired by David Malouf’s novel 12 Edmondstone Street, this multi-arts performance is deeply imbued with a sense of place and memories of home.

A performance that resonates with both young and old audiences, where the heart is features dynamic physical dance and a breathtaking score by John Rodgers.

“It promised much for EDC on its premiere in 2010 and continues to promise as a work of substance and longevity.” Dance Australia, 2012

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.

Natalie Weir’s R&J

Natalie Weir's R&J

Natalie Weir’s R&J premiered in 2011 to Brisbane audiences. Since then it has enjoyed extensive national touring to 23 venues across South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.

R&J turns the classic story of Romeo and Juliet on its head, cutting to the essence of what is real, human and inevitable. Love plays a major role in all our lives, but as Shakespeare knew too well, does not always guarantee a fairytale ending.

With music composed by Topology’s John Babbage and originally performed live on stage by prolific music ensemble Topology, R&J tells three moving love stories across three short acts.

The simple and stunning set by Bruce McKinven consisting of up to 21 Light boxes of varying sizes are transformed by the incredible design by David Walters to take on sublime settings for the three stories to unfold including city scapes, disco interior, graveyards. Simple, stunning, moving and dramatic.

Produced by Expressions Dance Company in partnership with QPAC.


Gong Garden

Gong Garden

Gong Garden is an interactive, musical journey through an intimate and beautiful garden. Children and adults are invited to explore the winding garden paths and discover ancient gongs and singing bowls with the help of internationally acclaimed percussion and gong musician and composer, Michael Askill.

The gongs and singing bowls are in one, object d’art, artefact and instrument, and invite discovery – touch, observation and play. They come from Ancient China, South East Asia, Myanmar and Europe.

Michael Askill leads people’s musical encounters in the garden with gentle facilitation and demonstrations. He roams and resides in different areas throughout the day. Volunteer facilitators and written didactics also help guide how to play the instruments and point out what to listen for and some of the historic, physical and spiritual qualities.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2014 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.

For further information, please contact info@qpac.com.au or phone (07) 3840 7444.