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Company Information

What is the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)?
What is qtix?

Patrons With Individual Needs

I need an aisle seat, or I have other special seating requirements (eg: wheelchair access, hearing difficulties), or I am bringing a guide dog with me, does this matter?
Does QPAC offer audio-described services for patrons who are blind or have low vision?
Companion Card

Buying A Ticket Online
If you experience any problems with your online booking please contact us by email or phone the Box Office on 136 246 (Mon to Sat, 9.00am to 8.30pm)

How do I update my email address?
Can I choose my seat?
I get a warning message when I try to select my seat. What does it mean?
I wish to purchase 12 tickets but there is a limit of 10 for the website, what do I do?
I need to cancel/change my order. What should I do?
How much time do I have to book tickets?
Are there concession or children's tickets available?
Can I purchase gift vouchers online?
I've put in my credit card details but I have not received a confirmation email. Has my booking gone through?

Transaction Fees

Do transaction fees apply to bookings?

Online Payment

How can I pay for my tickets?

Searching For Events

How do I find an event on the QPAC website?

QPAC eNews & @QPAC

How can I get information about upcoming shows?
I have signed up to receive QPAC emails but I haven't received any. What should I do?

Cancelled / Postponed Events

I purchased tickets for an event and that event has been cancelled, what happens now?
I purchased tickets for an event and that event has been postponed, what happens now?


Where should I park?
How do I use a QPAC car park voucher?


My tickets have been lost / stolen / misplaced, what should I do?
Information on the resale of tickets

Ticket Delivery & Collection

When will my tickets arrive by mail?
How do I get my tickets when booking more than 7 days before an event?
How do I receive my tickets when booking less than 7 days before an event?

Preparing For Your Visit

What should I wear?

Around QPAC

Where is the Box Office?
Where is the Lyric/Concert Hall/Playhouse/Cremorne Theatre within QPAC?
Do you have ATMs?
Are there any dining options at QPAC?

In The Theatre

When do the foyers open?
How do I find my door?
Can I take photographs or make recordings during the performance?

Your Personal Information

I have forgotten my QPAC Account password...
How do I update my QPAC Account contact details?
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