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Programs and Partnerships

All of QPAC’s operations are underpinned by a belief in the essential value of performing arts as well as the broader contribution art can make to cities and societies.

QPAC encourages participation in the arts and engagement in creative process as a means of promoting learning, wellbeing, civic participation and social inclusion. QPAC takes a leading role in the advancement of research and debate that articulates the broad economic and social value of the cultural sector.

QPAC contributes to the strength and sustainability of the sector through strong working relationships with a variety of artists and organisations as well as through its focus on participation.

QPAC supports the development of emerging producers and growing local arts companies through initiatives such as Company in Residence as well as offering the experience and expertise of its staff. Through its programs, workshops and events, QPAC creates participatory opportunities for a broad cross section of the community to sing, dance, write, talk about and make art.

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