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QPAC undertakes and supports research that informs its internal operations as well as engaging in research collaborations at a professional level. QPAC's strategic, programming and marketing operations are supported by research that covers fields such as: audience engagement and development; the library and museum sector; urban development; measurement and evaluation; social and cultural policy; more broadly, creative practice and innovation.

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TheatreSpace: accessing the cultural conversation

TheatreSpace is a four year, $3.3 million dollar research project investigating young people (14-24yrs) as audience for theatre in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The research aims to discover what the factors are that encourage young people or prevent them from attending theatre.

The research is comprised of two parts: a major survey of over 1 000 young people in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales to obtain longitudinal data about theatre going amongst this age group. The second part involves case studies of young people's engagement with performances by Australia's major theatre companies such as Queensland Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company and Arena Theatre Company and in the major Performing Arts Centres on the east coast including QPAC, Brisbane Powerhouse, Sydney Opera House and Malthouse Theatre.

Chief Investigators from Griffith University and Melbourne and Sydney Universities will be investigating the impact of theatre on the lives of young people, ways to encourage and engage young people as audience, the extent to which live theatre is a part of their culture in relation to other entertainment choices and the ways in which theatre involves young people in the wider culture of the nation.

This is the largest Australian Research Council (ARC) research project ever undertaken in Australia in this field and will span 3 years(2008- 2011).

For more information about QPAC's research contact:

Rebecca Lamoin
Associate Director - Strategy

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