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The hit BBC TV series is now a hilarious new stage play and has become London's biggest comedy sensation in decades.  Enter Jim Hacker's world of hung parliaments, global warming, illegal immigrants and oil rich dictators.
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Yes, Prime Minister

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates 4 to 22 Jul 2012

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The hit BBC TV series is now a hilarious new stage play and has become London's biggest comedy sensation in decades. 

Enter Jim Hacker's world of hung parliaments, global warming, illegal immigrants and oil rich dictators. Yes, Prime Minister is a hysterical foray into the comedy of politics and intrigue. Set in the present day, in the oak-panelled drawing room of the British Prime Minister's country residence,the embattled PM, Sir Humphrey and Bernard are back - this time facing their greatest challenge yet!

In 2012, the writers of the original TV series Yes, Prime Minister bring the riotous inner workings of Westminster to the QPAC Playhouse for the first time.

Tony Llewellyn-Jones
Mark Owen-Taylor
John Lloyd Fillingham
Caroline Craig


“As fresh now as the TV show was in 80′s. Fabulous Fun” CRIKEY

“The audience cheers… Say YES to this minister.” HERALD SUN

“Yes, Prime Minister fans will love it” DERRYN HINCH, 3AW

Starring Tony Llewellyn-Jones (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Cosi) as the cynical Cabinet Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, alongside familiar Australian TV star Mark Owen-Taylor (All Saints, A Country Practice) playing the embattled Prime Minister Jim Hacker, and John Lloyd-Fillingham (UK’s National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company) as the hapless assistant, Bernard Woolley.

Tony Llewellyn JonesTony Llewellyn-Jones

Tony has worked extensively in film, theatre and television, his credits include Picnic at Hanging Rock, Cosi, All Saints, G.P. and Blue Heelers. Tony has been a board member of the Sydney Theatre Company, The Australian National Playwright’s Centre, and the Melbourne and St Kilda Film Festivals.

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Mark Owen TaylorMark Owen-Taylor

Mark has worked extensively in film, television and theatre in Australia, his credits include E Street, A Country Practice, Water Rats, Playschool and Just Macbeth for Bell Shakespeare: both the Sydney Opera House and Edinburgh seasons.

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John Lloyd FillinghamJohn Lloyd-Fillingham

John has been working in theatre in the UK for over 20 years with companies such as the National Theatre, the Almeida, the Royal Exchange, the Bristol Old Vic, Sheffield Crucible and various theatres in the West End. John has worked extensively with the Royal Shakespeare Company and his work on television has included playing a regular in Coronation Street.

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Caroline CraigCaroline Craig

Caroline graduated from NIDA in 1999 and has since worked solidly in theatre and television. It was her role as Tess Gallagher on Blue Heelers which made her a household name. Most recently Caroline has appeared in Rescue Special Ops. She also has appeared in the Channel 9 award winning mini-series Underbelly playing the hard hitting policewoman Jacqui James.

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Yes Prime Minister
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8:40 PM - 22/08/2012
By Dianne
Every bit as funny as the TV show.
More satisfying than I first thought!
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6:50 PM - 24/07/2012
By Shane Foley
At first, the show took a little getting used to, with the characters looking and sounding so different from their TV counterparts - especially Bernard, who was played in such an over-the-top manner. And a few times there, it seemed as if the show wasn't going to much more than an updated rehash of the old TV show formula. But when the 'terrible request' from an Overseas Ambassador came - one which it seems some folks didn't appreciate - there followed some brilliant insights into how different cultures see hypocrisy in other cultures and draw the lines of what is decent and/or acceptable at different, very subjective points. That the PM wanted to have the moral high ground at one point, but was entirely willing to do it in an obviously 'immoral way' was very well done. This show rarely had many big belly laughs (like much good British comedy), but I thoroughly enjoyed the irony of much of the humour, which was often both funny and painful at the same time. Very thought provoking I thought and I'd like to hear so much of it again. Not quite what I expected, but I find three days later that I am very satisfied with it. Four stars!
Yes Prime Minister
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6:03 AM - 24/07/2012
By Lorelle Holcroft
Vintage 'Yes Prime Minister' well written, well acted and topical in this political climate. The actors teamed well to delight the audience. We enjoyed the Sir Humphrey monologues in each act and these were superbly delivered. A thoroughly enjoyable evening- not to be missed by British humour fans.
Yes Minister
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7:18 AM - 23/07/2012
By Sue D
An excellent take off of the TV programme but it didn't have us rolling in the aisles with laughter.Very well acted
Terrible show
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12:15 PM - 22/07/2012
By T Gardiner
Unless you like stories about child prostitution, this is not a funny story. Don't waste your time!
Not quite, Prime Minister
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10:07 PM - 21/07/2012
By DavidTheDave
A mostly entertaining production with some interesting variations on the TV/radio characters and an up to date plot. However, the playwright's attempts to get comedic mileage from the cast trying arrange a child prostitute for a paedophile made me rather uncomfortable. Judging by audience reaction and feedback I wasn't the only one. From the time this thread was introduced, many jokes were met with stony, awkward silence. For some reason the audience seemed a little more forgiving after the interlude but you have to wonder why this reaction has never been noticed or addressed by anyone involved with an otherwise witty and clever play.
Yes Prime Minister
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2:38 PM - 20/07/2012
By Margaret Brown
Amazing show and great Australian talent. Comfortable venue and an enjoyable night. he props were very impressive and after following the TV series we were very impressed with what Australia has to offer.
Clever and Challenging
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7:37 PM - 19/07/2012
By Jo O'Shanesy
Yes Prime Minister was a delighful mix of social comment and humour. The performance made you think about your own values, within a context of laughter. Very clever, Great performance.
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2:03 PM - 19/07/2012
By Brizbanite
I thought the actors were very clever, particularly Sir Humphrey. The audience went very quiet and still when the under age prostitute idea came up. I personally thought it was tasteless and definitely not appropriate. Need to look at better ideas from the script writers.
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6:12 PM - 15/07/2012
By Diana
Thought the play was a little clumsy, though the opening & ending were better it lapsed in the middle, with less humour overall than expected & the underage sex issue definitely hit a wrong note.

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