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THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS THRILLER IS COMING TO BRISBANE! When a group of strangers are trapped together at Monkswell Manor during a snowstorm, they soon discover one of them is a murderer. Is it the newlyweds?
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The Mousetrap

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Dates From 28 Dec 2012

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When a group of strangers are trapped together at Monkswell Manor during a snowstorm, they soon discover one of them is a murderer. Is it the newlyweds? Maybe it's the spinster with the curious background. It could be the architect, the retired Army Major or maybe the odd man who claims his car overturned in a snowdrift? Agatha Christie's world-renowned thriller has kept audiences guessing for six decades. Seen by over 10 million people across the globe, don't miss this amazing opportunity to be a part of the phenomenon that has become the world's longest running stage production of all time.

This critically acclaimed Official Diamond Anniversary Production has enjoyed sold out seasons around the country as it tours Australia for the first time.

From the queen of the murder mystery, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is an evening of intrigue and suspense where murder lurks around every corner. A masterpiece not to be missed, this classic whodunit will leave you guessing till the end.

For more information visit www.themousetrap.com.au


So... whodunit?!

At Monkswell Manor, the news on the radio reports that a murder that has recently taken place in London. Mollie and Giles Ralston, the young owners of the once-regal estate recently converted into a guesthouse, hardly notice the news. They are far too busy preparing for the arrival of their first guests and concerned that the heavy snowfalls may prevent the guests reaching their destination. As the guests arrive safely and the Manor becomes snowed in, a policeman arrives on skis suspecting that one of the seven occupants may be the killer. After a second murder occurs in the Manor, Sergeant Trotter is convinced.

Suspects include the young married couple, a spinster with a curious background, an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef, a retired army major, and an unexpected visitor who claims his car has run into a snowdrift. During his interrogation, Sergeant Trotter uncovers the many mysterious secrets of everyone present, as he tries to solve the murder in true Christie style.


In Alphabetical Order

Robert Alexander
as Mr Paravicini

Travis Cotton
as Christopher Wren

Nicholas Hope
as Major Metcalf

Jacinta John
as Miss Casewell

Genevieve Lemon
as Mrs Boyle

Gus Murray
as Giles Ralston

Justin Smith
as Detective-Sergeant Trotter

Christy Sullivan
as Mollie Ralston

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"Agatha Christie still delights"


"perversely pleasurable"


"an excellent cast brings a lot of zing to this handsome production"
"a privilege to be part of a tradition worth upholding"


"A whodunit at its best"
"..a twist and turn at every chance"
"A league of its own"


"The plot boasts a good twist at its core, which still has audiences gasping"
"A jolly good night out"


"A wonderfully clever, comical and thrilling murder mystery".
"With Christies impeccable writing and such strong performances, the play remains thoroughly engaging from start to finish"


"A very nicely crafted production"

History of Mousetrap

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap

Christie’s classic ‘whodunit” opened on London’s West End in November 1952 and has since played over 24,000 performances. The Mousetrap is the longest running show of any kind in the world and after 60 years, continues to delight audiences to this day at London’s St. Martin’s Theatre. Originally written by Agatha Christie as a radio play titled Three Blind Mice and broadcast in 1947, Christie then adapted the radio play for a short story of the same name before again rewriting for the stage as The Mousetrap.

The Mousetrap has never been adapted for film. Christie did not expect the play to run for more than a few months and stipulated that no film of The Mousetrap be made until six months after the West End Production closed. As the show celebrates its 60th anniversary and continues its historic London run a film adaptation looks unlikely.

The Mousetrap has been thrilling audiences from around the world for as long as HRH Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne. On the 25th of November 2002, a Royal Gala Performance was held attended by Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

During the phenomenal London season there have been no fewer than 382 actors and actresses appearing in the play, 116 miles of shirts have been ironed and over 415 tons of ice cream sold.

Breaking Records

Some cast members of The Mousetrap have even been listed in the Guinness Book of Records including David Raven as the ‘Most Durable Actor’ for 4,575 performances as Major Metcalf, and the late Nancy Seabrooke for a record breaking 15 years as an understudy.

The Mousetrap first entered the record books many years ago on 12th April 1958 when it became the longest running show of any kind in the history of British Theatre.

In 2000 the set was replaced for the first time during the run at St Martin’s Theatre, still to the same design as the original. This task was completed over a weekend without the loss of a performance.

50 years of "The Mousetrap"

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II graciously attended the 50th Anniversary Royal Gala Performance on 25th November 2002, pictured here with Lord Attenborough, one of the show’s original stars.

The 50th year of the Mousetrap started on November 25th 2001. There was a cast reunion at the Savoy to mark the historic event. There are many famous faces in the cast photograph below.

Lord Attenborough switched on the first performance of the golden 50 performance in a blaze of publicity and then watched a very special performance. The evening’s show ended as historically as it had begun. 50 years after first walking on to the set of The Mousetrap, Lord Attenborough took to the stage for the curtain calls.

60th Diamond Anniversary Tour

The London Producers knew that for their Diamond Anniversary they had to do something very very special and so they decided it was time to take this phenomenal play to the people around the world! We can’t wait to share the play that is the World’s Longest Running Play in the World!

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10:16 AM - 5/08/2014
By lightening 11
i have never acctually seen this play but im doing it for a school project i have seen many reviews and so i think i can offer some insight 1. dont sit in the dress circle sit in the stalls they may be more expensive but there better seats 2. dont buy the lemonade 3.there will be bad english accents 4. its VERY expensive
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2:18 AM - 27/01/2013
By Zoe
Sadly, a very disappointing evening; bad acting - fake British accents were truly dreadful, bad direction - attempted humour detracted from the tension and drama that should have been on stage. My mother and I were celebrating her 80th birthday and had so looked forward to the performance. We both snoozed through parts of the play which was sad - and a very expensive let down.
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10:43 AM - 21/01/2013
By Dawn
As an avid theatre goer was really looking forward to seeing The Mousetrap, but am beginning to wonder if I saw a different production to everyone else. With stars like Richard Attenborough and Sylvia Sims in the original production I expected the calibre of the Australian actors to be higher. I couldn't even understand the exaggerated accent of Mollie Ralston, it was so nasal. Also performances a bit lack lustre - my companion fell asleep in the first 2 acts. Not until Detective Trotter appeared did things improve just a bit. Love Agatha Christie's work and I think this could have been a lot better if the accents were adjusted back a bit and maybe producer/directors had more drama experience not just musical theatre - found it incredibly amateurish - was expecting a lot more!
great night out!
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9:59 AM - 18/01/2013
By Hylton McCabe
The cast were fabulous, I couldnt imagine any other actors playing each role so well. Nice peice of retro theatre complimenting a bygone era. Perhaps enjoyed more by an 'older' audience, loved every moment. Has you guessing right to the end!
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8:32 AM - 17/01/2013
By Janet
We had the the best time wouldn't have missed it, if lived closer would go again FANTASTIC!!
Absolute Classic
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7:23 PM - 14/01/2013
By Nicholas Cassin
This show is a stunner that kept you on the edge of your seat guessing who was the killer. I can see why it has continued for over 60 years. Brilliantly casted also
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8:50 PM - 13/01/2013
By Kay
Definitely worth 5 stars. Beautiful acting, not a beat missed. Funny, comical, dramatic, sad. We are co-conspiritors, we will not divulge the murder!
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11:56 AM - 10/01/2013
By DebB
Beautiful set and costumes etc. Great performances from Robert Alexander as Mr Paravicini, Travis Cotton as Christopher Wren, Justin Smith as Detective-Sergeant Trotter and maybe Nicholas Hope as Major Metcalf. The rest of the cast were rather stilted though and didn't really engage the audience.
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2:22 PM - 5/01/2013
By Herb Coleman
great seats, great costumes and well done actors. BUT the script was far too long, not enough happened, and half the audience was yawning. I guess as an historical artifact it's OK, but not my cup of tea.
Where is my side order of tension
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8:09 AM - 3/01/2013
By Emmaline
Beautiful set and costumes but for me that is where the beauty stopped. The only intriguing section was seeing how the actors would deal with a mobile phone ringing during the "pivotal" moment.

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