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The Illusionists

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Dates From 18 Jan 2013

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Important information for cancelled 27 January 7pm performance:
Queensland Performing Arts Centre wishes to inform patrons that a refund will be issued for those who had purchased tickets to the cancelled performance of The Illusionists on Sunday 27 January at 7pm. Following this unfortunate cancellation due to weather conditions across the South East, existing ticketholders seeking a refund should note the details below.

For patrons who purchased ticket(s) using credit card via QPAC, you will receive a refund of the full purchase price within ten (10) business days. For patrons who purchased ticket(s) using cash or EFTPOS, please return to QPAC Box Office to receive a refund of the full purchase price. For any enquiries please call qtix Box Office on 136 246.

The Illusionists is a world first. Seven of the greatest magicians on the planet are coming together on stage, bringing with them the very best of their individual acts and a whole team of magical assistants. The result is a brand new show packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions.

From never before seen illusions to jaw dropping acts of levitation and escapes, The Illusionists is revolutionary, bringing the age old art of magic into the 21st Century. Cutting edge and contemporary, don't expect rabbits and top hats, but do expect to be mesmerised by these grand masters of magic and illusion, each with their own speciality and mind-blowing signature act.

With over 25 million YouTube hits between them, their solo shows alone sell out arenas around the world. To see them all on the one stage in this unique collaboration is unheard of, creating a whole new genre of spectacular entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

Warning: This performance may contain smoke effects, strobe lighting and pyrotechnics.
"It's deliciously, self-knowingly over the top and brain-bendingly spectacular - genuinely satisfying family entertainment that should not be missed." The Daily Telegraph

"All the acts surprised and enthralled in their own very different ways." The Daily Telegraph

Andrew Basso
He is Italy's star escape artist and is fast becoming one of the world's favourite illusionists. His hero is Harry Houdini and his thrilling escapes take place under water, 150 feet in the air and everywhere in between. Explosives, water boxes, handcuffs, chains, padlocks, straightjackets, cars bursting into flames... his escapes place him within seconds of life and death and have audiences all over Europe and North America frozen in suspense and disbelief.  You'll never catch The Escapologist.

"The natural successor of the legendary Harry Houdini" Warsaw Voice

Jeff Hobson
He's the host of Las Vegas and is the epitome of glamour and showmanship. He leaves audiences laughing long after the curtain goes down. Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance. The Trickster will get you every time...!

"Hobson steals the show like a slick bank robber." New York Daily News
"A whirlwind of fabulousness that simply cannot be contained." Las Vegas Review Journal


Brett Daniels
He performs levitations, large scale illusions and is a master sleight of hand. He has sold out arena shows from Las Vegas to China and his TV appearances have been broadcast to over 1.3 billion people worldwide. He possesses the ability to manipulate matter and defy the laws of physics. See him do all this live at QPAC. Witness the impossible with The Grand Illusionist.

"Let your eyes see. And your mind believe. Daniels is sensational." Press of Atlantic City

Kevin James
He is one of today's most ground breaking and innovative illusionists. His illusions and magic acts are also performed by other stars from David Copperfield to Nicholas Cage in the Hollywood film Adaptation. He is an inventor, comedian and collector of the strange and unusual... He believes he has a responsibility to remind people of that state of awe and wonder they felt as a child. Whether he's holding a rose or swinging a chain saw, anything is possible with The Inventor.

"Kevin James is the most original magician I have ever seen and his illusions are spectacular." Splash, Las Vegas

Dan Sperry
He combines the art of magic with the bizarre and macabre. He's been described as Marilyn Manson meets David Copperfield and his motto is 'Magic no longer sucks'. He's performed at private parties for celebrities such as Johnny Depp and has over 5 million YouTube hits to his name. He was in the top ten most googled people after his legendary America's Got Talent appearance. The Anti-Conjuror is not for the faint hearted. You've been warned...

"Literally hair-raising." Toronto Star
"A wild ride!" Magic Magazine

Mark Kalin
Mark Kalin has been one of the most influential magicians of the past decade, bringing his fantastic illusions to casinos, performing arts centres, television shows and his own experimental theatre in Reno, Nevada, The Magic Underground.

As a young man, Mark's specialty was deception and sleight of hand, but as he grew so did his repertoire of illusions.  Working with The Enchantress, Jinger Leigh, the duo became known for their fast, dramatic performances, including a number of daring effects with wild animals. The duo even achieved the largest stage illusion of all time, making an American Airlines Jumbo Jet disappear at the Hilton Reno. 

Kalin & Jinger have made numerous television appearances including NBC's World's Greatest Magicians, Hidden Secrets of Magic, Fox Family's Magic on the Edge as well as appearances on Entertainment Tonight, CBS and ABC.  The duo has developed a reputation for an innovative blend of illusion and distinctive modern style.

In 1998 Kalin & Jinger were voted magic's highest honour, Magicians of the Year, by the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts--Hollywood's Magic Castle.  The award recognized their unique achievements and charismatic performances.        

Jinger Leigh
The unique blend of elegance and theatricality of Jinger Leigh has redefined the role of the magician. Being a modern witch in an ancient art, Jinger has captivated fans around the world. She began her career as a dancer when she was 15 and was soon started touring around America with Disney. She also toured with artists such as The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett and Cab Callaway. It was while working as a dancer in Guam that she met magician Mark Kalin (aka The Gentleman). The results were magical in every sense of the word, combining the art of dance with illusion to produce and perform unique illusions as part of the act Kalin and Jinger.
The Illusionists
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12:45 PM - 23/01/2013
By Sue
One of the best live shows I have ever seen. Full of comedy, magic mystique, and with sensational costumes and music.
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11:16 AM - 23/01/2013
By Sandi
This show was absolutely Superb! I took my partner for a birthday suprise and we both had a great night. The show keeps the audience guessing the whole way through. I highly recommended it to my family & friends! All of the magicians and acts are top notch and the sound track/band really add to the effect of the show. GO AND SEE IT!
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8:34 PM - 22/01/2013
By Lynette Cooper
Took our grandchildren. Wow what a show. They want their parents to take them for a second show. Well we will all want to go. Best family entertainment, good value and we were all spellbound for nearly three hours. Good job guys and girls keep up the good work. You will always have followers wherever u go.
Really not impressed
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6:36 PM - 21/01/2013
By Susan
I thought this show was so disappointing. 80% of the magic was very old school and all been done before and I'm sure most people know how. The comedy was okay, but the band was a bit pointless?? Getting the audience up to clap hands was unneccessary and just felt like they were filling up time. I've seen David Copperfield who was a million times better than this. Very disappointed and wouldn't go and see a magic show at QPAC again. The sexual innuendo with various stage members and the pointless girl in the show was also just padding out the night. Could've squeezed the magic into one half and not had an interval.
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5:07 PM - 19/01/2013
By Steve Cruickshank
Well worth the money for very good entertainment with mind boggling illusions and magic and comedy .
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10:34 PM - 18/01/2013
By Caroline Pacheco
The show was spectacular!!!! I wish i could see it all again it was fantastic, Thank-you for such an amazing experience.

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