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Featuring Satsuki Odamura (bass koto)Australia’s world-acclaimed taiko drumming ensemble, TaikOz, returns to Brisbane to present a stunning new work.
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TaikOz presents Crimson Sky

Venue Concert Hall, QPAC
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Dates 24 Oct 2013

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Featuring Satsuki Odamura (bass koto)

Australia’s world-acclaimed taiko drumming ensemble, TaikOz, returns to Brisbane to present a stunning new work.

Based on a haiku by Japanese poet Miura Yuzuru, Toward The Crimson Sky has been written by TaikOz Artistic Director Ian Cleworth, evoking the poem’s sensual, dramatic and often playful imagery of a cloud of dragonflies ascending into a deep red sky.

The thunderous drumming of the taiko is interwoven with the hypnotic melodies of the shakuhachi and shinobue bamboo flutes, voice and a rare performance on the bass koto, a traditional Japanese 17-stringed plucked instrument to be played by special guest artist Satsuki Odamura.

The program will also feature new works by the two youngest TaikOz members: from the peaceful meditation of Solace by Tom Royce-Hampton to the dynamic high energy of Exploration by Anton Lock.
Sydney Morning Herald, March 2012

"Energetic, hypnotic, elemental are adjectives one might accurately apply to TaikOz, who revisits traditional Japanese taiko drumming from a contemporary perspective.

A performance by TaikOz seems akin to watching a musical variant of martial arts. There is an intense discipline in the synchronisation of the performers, a ceremonial approach to the instruments and fellow musicians, and a muscularity, evident in the bare-armed display of gym-fit biceps, in many of the rhythmic patterns.

What is paramount is the theatricality of the performance. The program created many attractive textures by the addition of passages for shakuhachi, while kotos, strummed and plucked by Satsuki Odamura, lent their plangent voices to the evocative mix."

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Presented By TaikOz
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