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In the heat of a raging feud between their two households, teenagers Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight.
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Queensland Theatre Company - Romeo and Juliet

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates From 21 Apr to 13 May 2012

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In the heat of a raging feud between their two households, teenagers Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight. With a price on Romeo's head, and Juliet suddenly betrothed to another man, the young lovers share a night of forbidden passion before Romeo flees the city. Juliet's desperate pleas to call off the wedding are denied, and she hatches a secret plan for them to be reunited, with devastating consequences.

Relive the romance, danger, beauty and passion of Romeo & Juliet, history's greatest ever love story. We've spared no expense to create the definitive version of this famous script. Directed by Jennifer Flowers and starring Thomas Larkin (Hamlet), Melanie Zanetti (Pygmalion, The Crucible, Grimm Tales) and a huge supporting cast, this is an extravagant theatre event you won't want to miss.

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A Wonderful New Take on a Classic Story
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4:43 PM - 28/05/2012
By Jeni Robinson
Qld Theatre Company's new production of Romeo and Juliet was a sensory symphony. The set was cleverly constructed, with the focal point being an artificial "lake" in the front of centre stage. The collective "oh" that resounded around the audience when a thin stream of water fell from the ceiling to draw your attention to the body of water was a great introduction to an excellent show. Melanie Zanetti and Thomas Larkin were excellent in the title roles - she is such a little powerhouse in a fragile frame, and his portrayal conveyed the longing of a desperate lover. The rest of the cast were fantastic in their roles, and the costumes and lighting wonderful accentuations to the storyline. The closing scene was very well thought out, with the funeral pyre "floating" in the centre of the lake as Juliette lay suspended in virginal white only centimetres above the water line. The poignancy of the scene as Romeo lay dead across her rigid body with the water 'lapping' over him was a wonderful take on an old tale. I was able to speak separately to both of them after the show and thank goodness the water was heated for both their sakes, although Thomas said he still found it cold as he was actually lying in it for several minutes. They both deserve very loud applause for their excellent portrayals. Well done to all involved.
Romeo and Juliet
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8:52 AM - 19/05/2012
By A High School Student
I thought that it was really well portrayed but I felt that it was acted a little too much like the movie and the death scene was a little too long. Other than that I really enjoyed it. Great performance. :)
Romeo oh Romeo
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9:25 PM - 14/05/2012
By Kate
The performance was stunning. The death plinth in the water added to the passion and drama of an already breathtaking performance. My partner a self confessed Shakesperean Theatre virgin enjoyed it immensly as well - thankyou exquisite
Romeo and Juliet
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11:47 AM - 24/04/2012
By K Williams
I was blown away by this performance! Very impressive work by the cast. I particularly enjoyed the interplay between Mercutio and Benvolio, and some of the acting was very funny. The stage was excellent, costumes were great. I throughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend this performance!
Romeo & Juliette
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11:15 AM - 22/04/2012
By Susan Cole
Thoroughly enjoyable! Wow, abs on show! Took my daughter to her first play, main characters very "twilight like". Should appeal to Gen Y.

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