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QSO with Johannes Fritzsch

Venue Concert Hall, QPAC
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Dates 21 Apr 2012

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The Queensland Symphony Orchestra's Principal Cello, David Lale, and Principal Viola, Yoko Okayasu, shine respectively as the hero and his faithful servant Sancho Panza in Richard Strauss' masterful tone poem, Don Quixote; the work which captures the spirit of Cervantes' novel and portrays the poignant images of this sublime human tragic-comedy. Ernest Newman wrote "for wit, humour, pathos and humanity, there is nothing like it in all music." Before interval Principal Oboe of Amsterdam's illustrious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Alexei Ogrintchouk, brings a special lustre to Mozart's sparkling Oboe Concerto and Beethoven, in his equally sparkling, witty and brief Eighth Symphony, proves that he was also the god of small things.

Johannes Fritzsch

Alexei Ogrintchouk

David Lale

Yoko Okayasu

Symphony No.8

Oboe Concerto

R Strauss
Don Quixote

Why don't we hear these more often?
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3:47 PM - 28/10/2012
By Janelle Colquhoun
This concert program began with Beethoven’s 8th Symphony, which admittedly is not in the class of Beethoven’s more famous symphonies, but it was enjoyable to hear this lesser played symphony for a change. Then, it was such a treat to hear Principal Oboe of Amsterdam's Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Alexei Ogrintchouk. I was in tears during the first movement, while my oboist friend beside me was in tears during the second. The Mozart Oboe Concerto might be a standard among oboist, but it would be the exceptional oboist who could play it this well and begin the pianissimos at the top of the oboe range so exquisitely. Richard Strauss' tone poem, Don Quixote was an absolute delight to end this concert program. Why don’t we hear this stunning work played more often? The QSO cello and viola solos were played expertly, and I can’t imagine anyone not picturing every part of this story as it progressed through the music. I would happily attend a repeat of this fabulous QSO concert.

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