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Come with Alice on her adventures when she tumbles into Wonderland!
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Alice in Wonderland

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates From 31 Mar to 14 Apr 2012

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Come with Alice on her adventures when she tumbles into Wonderland! Guided by the White Rabbit, Alice meets some astonishing characters, including the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Humpty Dumpty and those mischievous twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Basing his ballet on Lewis Carroll's much-loved children's books, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, François Klaus has created a captivating piece, brimful of wit, humour and charm. With its whimsical flights of the imagination, eclectic music and joyful dance, Alice in Wonderland is delightful entertainment for all ages.

Alice in Wonderland
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12:09 PM - 14/04/2012
By Agi
Fantastic Ballet, gorgeous costumes and really fun music!
Alice in Wonderland
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6:22 PM - 7/04/2012
By Karen Murray
Very enjoyable for both adults and children. For non-ballet enthusiasts, I thought the performance was very entertaining and kept the children enthralled from beginning till the end. The dancing and costumes were fabulous.
A Must See!
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10:23 PM - 6/04/2012
By Mina Vogelweide
I was thrilled with the idea of seeing a ballet performance of Alice in Wonderland and was happily surprised to discover that it was quirky, inventive and funny. I really felt like I had gone to Wonderland, the set was amazing and the props were used very creatively. The characters were brought to life spectacularly I especially loved the dance of the Duchess and the Cook, the football match and the Battle of the Lion and Unicorn. Everything was perfect and I was on a high for hours afterwards. It was amazing and I loved every second of it. 5 stars isn't high enough of a rating to give this performance and thank you to everyone who made it possible and there simply aren't enough words of praise to give to everyone involved.
Alice in Wonderland - a must see
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12:14 PM - 6/04/2012
By Tracey Hardgrave
Fabulous interpretation. Very clever such as a little Alice after she drinks the shrinking potion (won't spoil it for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing it yet). Hilarious walrus...I laughed so much and couldn't stop so was feeling conscious I would annoy others. Caterpillar to butterfly...absolutely brilliant & beautiful.
Ballet or Pantomime?
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9:46 PM - 4/04/2012
By DanceMumof2
I have been an avid enthusiast of Francois Klaus' adaptations of ballets and, having seen QB perform "Alice" in Regional Qld about 10years ago, I was so excited to have the chance to see it again. I drove for over 7 hours to see it. Overall, I was disappointed. I didn't feel that many dancers displayed the strength that I have seen in previous performances and I was quite disappointed that Alice was played by a pre-teenage dancer, who may have plenty of previous performance experience, but as a young girl, lacks the strength and technique that I paid large sums of money to see. I guess it seemed like more of a demi-character/pantomime, aimed at an under 10's audience, rather than the ballet I anticipated. That aside, my mid-teenage daughters and I did enjoy the range of styles of music and dance in some scenes. Sets were good and costumes were fun and colourful.The show was a bit of fun, but of the seven ballets we have seen over the past decade, this was probably the weakest.
Alice in wonderland
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5:23 PM - 4/04/2012
By Tomoe Tardy
It was our first time to watch ballet. We enjoyed very much. We would like to come and watch the show again.
First timer
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1:26 PM - 4/04/2012
By Adrienne Walker
This was the first show I have been to a performance at QPAC plus the first of QLD ballet and it will not be my last. I have paid twice as much to see shows and enjoyed them half as much as Alice in Wonderland. It was fun, bright and light and the costumes were amazing. A great show for all
Always a First
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11:23 PM - 2/04/2012
By Rebecca
This was my partner's and mine first experience of ballet. Nothing against the show, it just wasn't our cup of tea. However we enjoyed the experience overall. the stage was dissapointing after my last experinece (Mary Poppins) but then, that was a hard show to top!
Alice in Wonderland
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6:15 AM - 2/04/2012
By Kerri-ann McAuliffe
Vibrant, witty & truly magical performance.
A feel good show.
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5:24 PM - 1/04/2012
By Pamela Killer
Alice in Wonderland is an absolutely wonderful show with colourful costumes,dancing, laughs and fun.

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